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Global connection between Earth and space weather found - 12 September

Researchers utilizing data from the IMAGE and TIMED spacecraft have found a connection between the air generated by intense thunderstorms on the Earth and disruptions in the Earth's ionosphere, the first time such a direct connection has been established. The discover has tremendous implications for the ability of scientists to predict space weather.

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Scientist studies disruptive "space storms" - 23 March

IMAGE investigator Jerry Goldstein was interviewed on KSAT 12 television in San Antonio on space weather.

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Scientist studies disruptive "space storms" - 23 March

IMAGE investigator Jerry Goldstein was interviewed on the Earth & Sky radio series regarding the influence on magnetospheric storms, such as those observed by IMAGE, on GPS systems.

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Communications problem with IMAGE - 20 January

NASA's Imager for Magnetopause-to-Aurora Global Exploration (IMAGE) satellite recently ceased operations, bringing to a close a successful six-year mission. IMAGE was the premier producer of new discoveries on the structure and dynamics of the Earth's external magnetic field (magnetosphere) and its contents.

IMAGE was launched on March 25, 2000. It successfully completed its two-year primary mission and continued providing data into December 2005, when it stopped responding to commands from ground controllers. Preliminary analysis indicated that IMAGE's solid state power controller (SSPC) on the 28V line from the power distribution unit (PDU) to the transponder is reading closed, but is actually open resulting in having no power to the transponder to get a command to the PDU to close it. The only thing that might close it would be a PDU power cycle. It is possible that the next mega-eclipse cycle in October 2007, may drain the battery and voltage enough to cause this to happen enabling us to recover IMAGE.

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