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Dynamics of Auroras at North and South Poles Studied Simultaneously For First Time - 12 December

For the first time, the entire sequence of an auroral storm has been studied simultaneously over both hemispheres, yielding information that might help scientists issue warnings about potentially harmful storms.

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First Detection of "Free Spirits" in Solar Wind May Help Time the Arrival of Space Weather and Probe Our Origins - 24 May

Scientists have confirmed the existence of and imaged "free spirit" atoms - atoms not subject to magnetic forces because they are electrically neutral - in the solar wind for the first time. They hope to use the observations to better estimate the arrival time of solar storms and to estimate the amount of dust left over from the solar system's birth.

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One-Year-Old IMAGE Satellite Snaps First Pictures From Space of Earth's Double Aurora - 15 March

Among the first pictures captured by the Magnetopause-to-Aurora Global Exploration, or IMAGE, satellite, launched a year ago to study the Earth's magnetic shield, is the first global view of the double aurora - the pretty curlicues and shimmering curtains of the electron aurora and the more diffuse proton aurora.

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NASA's IMAGE Reveals Earth's Invisible Magnetic Tail - 25 January

The first large-scale pictures of the hidden machinations of the Earth's magnetic force-field are now available, including confirmation of a suspected but previously invisible "tail" of electrified gas.

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