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Stormy Space Weather Slips Through The Cracks - 03 December

Immense cracks in the Earth's magnetic field remain open for hours, allowing the solar wind to gush through and power stormy space weather, according to new observations from the IMAGE and Cluster satellites.

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Auroras Spotted from Space - 21 November

Auroras were visible as far south as Florida after a coronal mass ejection (CME) was hurled into space. Massive solar flares were produced by the same region on the sun two week prior and are expected to produce more in the near future. The auroras were not only spectacular in the northern hemisphere, but also over Antarctica. Images produced by NASA's IMAGE and Polar spacecraft made extensive observations of the phenomenon.

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ESA's Cluster Solves An Auroral Puzzle - 20 May

ESA's four Cluster spacecraft have made a remarkable set of observations that has led to a breakthrough in understanding the origin of a peculiar and puzzling type of aurora.

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See also: Space News, 2 June 2003, p. 10.

Predicting Geomagnetic Storms - 18 January

Recent observations with an Earth-orbiting spacecraft may provide new ways to predict when solar temper tantrums will cause the geomagnetic storms that disrupt communications systems on Earth and harm satellites.

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McComas, D.J., et al., Filling and emptying of the plasma sheet: Remote observations with 1-70 keV energetic neutral atoms, Geophys. Res. Lett., 29(22), 2079, 10.1029/2002GL016153, 2002.

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