IMAGE Project: 2006 Yosemite Workshop

Talks presented at Global Aspects of Magnetosphere-Ionosphere Coupling, the 2006 Yosemite Workshop,
Yosemite National Park, CA, USA, 7-10 February 2006

  1. Adrian, M.L., and D.L. Gallagher, IMAGE EUV Observations of Plasmaspheric Drainage Plumes. [Abstract] New!
  2. Adrian, M.l., et al., Sounding the Ionospheric/ Thermospheric Effects of Storm Enhanced Density Plumes. [Abstract] New!
  3. Anderson, B.J., Magnetosphere-Ionosphere Coupling as Reflected in Large-Scale Birkeland Currents. [Abstract] New!
  4. Brandt, P.C., et al., On the Electrical Coupling Between the Ring Current and the Ionosphere. [Abstract] New!
  5. England, S., et al., The Effect of Atmospheric Tides on the Morphology of the Quiet-Time, Post-Sunset Equatorial Ionospheric Anomaly. [Abstract] New!
  6. Foster, J.C., et al., Plasmasphere/ Ionosphere Coupling: PBL Interactions Viewed from the Ground and Space. [Abstract] New!
  7. Fuselier, S.A., Global Ionospheric Ion Outflow. [Abstract] New!
  8. Gallagher, D., and T. Newman, 2-D Electric Fields from the IMAGE EUV Plasmaspheric Imager. [Abstract] New!
  9. Green, J.L., et al., Source Region Characteristics of Non-thermal Continuum Radiation. [Abstract] New!
  10. Gurgiolo, C., et al., What Local Sub-auroral Ionospheric Electron Temperature Enhancements Tell Us about MI Coupling. [Abstract] New!
  11. Immel, T.J., et al., Disturbance Dynamo Effects Observed in the Low-Latitude Ionosphere by IMAGE FUV. [Abstract] New!
  12. Jordanova, V.K., et al., Modeling Proton Arcs and Ring Current-Ionosphere Coupling. [Abstract] New!
  13. Larsen, B.A., et al., Identifying Solar Wind Parameters That Affect Plasmapause Location and Radial Velocity. [Abstract] New!
  14. Mende, S.B., et al., Observations of Global and Meso- Scales Coupling Dynamics from the IMAGE Satellite and from Ground. [Abstract] New!
  15. Mitchell, E.J., et al., Storm-Time Energy Transfer Over a Solar Cycle Based on Storm Driver. [Abstract] New!
  16. Moore, T.E., et al., Global Aspects of Heliosphere-Geosphere Coupling. [Abstract] New!
  17. Ostgaard, N., et al., Auroral Conjugacy Studies. [Abstract] New!
  18. Sandel, B.R., et al., Supply of Plasma to the Inner Magnetosphere: Plasmasphere Refilling. [Abstract] New!
  19. Spasojevic, M., Mid-Latitude Coupling During Geomagnetic Recovery Intervals. [Abstract] New!
  20. Wendel, D., Magnetic Structure, Particle Flow, and Waves at a Northward IMF X-Line. [Abstract] New!
  21. Yizengaw, E. and M.B. Moldwin., Coupling the Magnetosphere and Ionosphere Using Tomographic Imaging Technique. [Abstract] New!
  22. Ukhorskiy, A.Y., et al., Global Response of the Outer Radiation Belt to Geomagnetic Activity: Transport and Losses. [Abstract] New!
  23. Wolf, R.A., How the Inner Magnetosphere Works. [Abstract] New!

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