IMAGE Project: 2002 Spring Meeting of the American Geophysical Union

Talks presented, A.G.U. Spring Meeting, Washington, D.C., 28-31 May 2002

  1. Adrian, M.L., et al., Plasmaspheric erosion via plasmasphere coupling to ring current plasmas: EUV observations and modeling. [Abstract]
  2. Baker, D.N., et al., Multi-spacecraft observations of the magnetotail in the CLUSTER era; The telescope-microscope combination. [Abstract]
  3. Boardsen, S.A., et al., Characteristics of the Kilometric Continuum Source Region as Observed by the Radio Plasma Imager on IMAGE. [Abstract]
  4. Benson, R.F., et al., Relating Magnetospheric Passive Dynamic Spectral Emission Peaks to Plasma and Upper-Hybrid Frequencies Determined from Active RPI Sounding on IMAGE. [Abstract]
  5. Brandt, P.C., et al., Resolved and unresolved reasons for magnetic storms. [Abstract]
  6. Brandt, P.C., et al., Extracting physics from substorm dynamics observed by IMAGE/HENA. [Abstract]
  7. Chang, S.-W., et al., Magnetic Reconnection Site Estimate. [Abstract]
  8. Collier, M.R., et al., Inner Heliospheric Gas and Dust from Solar Wind Charge Exchange. [Abstract]
  9. Foster, J.C., et al., Ionospheric Signatures of Plasmaspheric Tails. [Abstract]
  10. Fung, S.F., Structures and Dynamics of the Dayside Magnetospheric Boundary observed by Hawkeye and IMAGE. [Abstract]
  11. Gallagher, D.L., et al., Empty Flux Tubes and Plasmasphere Refilling as Seen by IMAGE. [Abstract]
  12. Garcia, L.N., et al., Correlative Study of Enhanced Plasmaspheric Density Structures Observed by IMAGE RPI and EUV. [Abstract]
  13. Goldstein, J., et al., Rapid response of the plasmasphere to changes in the solar wind and IMF: Global plasmapause measurements by IMAGE EUV, and MSM simulation. [Abstract]
  14. Green, J.L., et al., Plasma Waves in the Plasmapause Region: Recent Results. [Abstract]
  15. Henderson, M.G., et al., Simultaneous Multipoint Observations of Stormtime Substorms with the CLUSTER, IMAGE, POLAR, Geosynchronous, and GPS Spacecraft. [Abstract]
  16. Huang, X., et al., Can Field-aligned Propagation Satisfy the Propagation Requirement of Index of Refraction? [Abstract]
  17. Hubert, B., et al., IMAGE-FUV Multispectral Observation of Theta Auroras. [Abstract]
  18. Immel, T.J., et al., Coordinated Obserations of Proton Aurorae from Ground and Space. [Abstract]
  19. Jahn, J.-M., et al., Proton Aurora and Trapped Particle Substorm Dynamics Compared. [Abstract]
  20. Jayanti, V., et al., Comparison of various numerical techniques for determining plasma densities from field aligned echoes observed by RPI/IMAGE. [Abstract]
  21. Khan, H., et al., Observations of Ionospheric Outflow Events as Measured by the Low Energy Neutral Atom (LENA) Imager on IMAGE in Association with Variations in the Solar Wind. [Abstract]
  22. Liemohn, M.W., et al., Nightside Plasmasphere Variations Produced by the Stormtime Ring Current. [Abstract]
  23. Kozyra, J.U., et al., TIMED Observations of the Signatures of Magnetic Activity in the MLTI Region placed into Global Context by ACE, POLAR, IMAGE, SAMPEX, FAST, NOAA/POES, and DMSP. [Abstract]
  24. Meurant, M., et al., FUV Global View of the Evolution of Electrons and Protons Substorms. [Abstract]
  25. Moore, T.E., et al., Interstellar atom and neutral solar wind observations from IMAGE. [Abstract]
  26. Nsumei, P., et al., A high latitude electron density model derived from image/RPI sounding. [Abstract]
  27. Ostgaard, N., et al., Neutral hydrogen density profiles derived from geocoronal imaging. [Abstract]
  28. Pollock, C.J., et al., Medium Energy Neutral Atom (MENA) emissions and the evolution of the low energy portion of Earth's ring current drift paths from open to closed. [Abstract]
  29. Reeves, G.D., et al., The global geosynchronous plasma environment seen through neutral atom imaging and local multipoint measurements. [Abstract]
  30. Reinisch, B.W., et al., Depletion and Refilling of the Plasmasphere as a Result of a Magnetostorm. [Abstract]
  31. Retterer, K.C., et al., Evaluating Ring Current Loss Processes During the March 31, 2001 Geomagnetic Storm Using IMAGE/HENA Global ENA Observations. [Abstract]
  32. Roelof, E.C., et al., Search for Heliospheric Energetic Neutral Atoms Using IMAGE/HENA. [Abstract]
  33. Sandel, B.R., EUV Imaging of Plasmapause Structures. [Abstract]
  34. Simpson, D.G., et al., Direct Observations of Interstellar Neutral Atoms from IMAGE. [Abstract]
  35. Skoug, R.M., et al., Storm-time Sawtooth Flux Variations. [Abstract]
  36. Spasojevic, M., et al., Dusk-side Outer Plasmaspheric Structure Observed in Global Images and In-situ. [Abstract]
  37. Thomsen, M.F., et al., Multiple-Satellite Studies of Plasmasphere Erosion and its Effects on the Low-Energy Ring Current. [Abstract]
  38. Tu, J., et al., Simulating Plasmasphere Field-Aligned Density Profiles Measured with IMAGE/RPI: Effects of Ion Heating and Refilling. [Abstract]
  39. Valek, P., et al., Plasma Sheet Observations in 1-30keV Energetic Neutral Atoms. [Abstract]
  40. Webb, P.A., et al., Recent Improvements to Global Plasmasphere Ionosphere Density (GPID) Model and Comparisons with Satellite Plasmaspheric Observations. [Abstract]
  41. Zhang, X.X., et al., Ion equatorial distributions from ENA images obtained by IMAGE during geomagnetic storms: Drift of Ion Flux. [Abstract]

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