IMAGE Project: Fall 2000 AGU Abstracts

Abstracts of talks presented at the Fall 2000 American Geophysical Union meeting in San Francisco, CA., Dec. 15-19, 2000

  1. Bell, T.F., et al., Remote Diagnostics of the Ambient Cold Plasma Density in the Low Altitude Trough Region Using the Radio Plasma Imager on the IMAGE Spacecraft. [Abstract]

  2. Benson, R.F., et al., Magnetospheric Electron-Density Values Determined from Plasma Resonances Stimulated by the Radio Plasma Imager on the IMAGE Satellite. [Abstract]

  3. Brandt, P.C., et al., Understanding the ring current with IMAGE/HENA. [Abstract]

  4. Burch, J.L., First Results From the IMAGE Mission. [Abstract]

  5. Burley, R.J., and J.L. Green, The IMAGE Archive and the Science and Mission Operations Center. [Abstract]

  6. Chevalier, T.W., et al., The Characteristics of the Long Dipole Antennas on IMAGE at VLF Frequencies Within the Plasmasphere. [Abstract]

  7. Coffey, V.N., et al., The Response of the Ionospheric Cusp to the Solar Wind Through Two Perspectives: Low Energy Charged Particle In-Situ Measurements and Low-Energy Neutral Atom Imaging. [Abstract]

  8. Collier, M.R., et al., IMAGE/LENA Observations of Neutral Atoms from the Solar Wind. [Abstract]

  9. Cummer, S., et al., A Test of Magnetospheric Radio Tomographic Imaging with IMAGE and WIND. [Abstract]

  10. Dressler, R.A., et al., Reevaluation of Charge Exchange Cross Sections Related to Energetic Neutral Atom Detection in the Magnetosphere. [Abstract]

  11. Fahr, H.J., et al., Upper Limits on Intensities of Energetic 1-100 keV Neutral Hydrogen Atoms Generated beyond the Heliospheric Termination Shock: Measurements from IMAGE/HENA/MENA. [Abstract]

  12. Fok, M.C., et al., Storm-Time Ring Current Seen by IMAGE. [Abstract]

  13. Frey, H., et al., The proton and electron aurora as seen by IMAGE-FUV and FAST. [Abstract]

  14. Fung, S.F., et al., Plasmaspheric Ducted Echoes Observed by the Radio Plasma Imager (RPI) on IMAGE. [Abstract]

  15. Funsten, H.O., et al., Analysis of Energy and Mass Distributions of ENAs Measured by the MENA Imager Throughout the IMAGE Mission. [Abstract]

  16. Fuselier, S.A., et al., Multi-Instrument Observations from IMAGE. [Abstract]

  17. Fuselier, S. A., Dayside Magnetopause and High-Latitude Convection.

  18. Gallagher, D.L., et al., IMAGE Software Suite. [Abstract]

  19. Gallagher, D.L., et al., The Storm-Time Plasmasphere as Seen by the Extreme Ultraviolet (EUV) Imager on the IMAGE Spacecraft. [Abstract]

  20. Gladstone, G., et al., Stellar Calibration of the WIC and SI Imagers and the GEO Photometers on IMAGE/FUV. [Abstract]

  21. Goldstein, J., et al., IMAGE RPI measurements of electron density in the plasmatrough. [Abstract]

  22. Green, J.L., et al., Overview of the Observations from the Radio Plasma Imager on IMAGE. [Abstract]

  23. Henize, V.K., et al., Remote Observations of the Terrestrial Cusp by the IMAGE Satellite Radio Plasma Instrument. [Abstract]

  24. Hubert, B., et al., IMAGE-FUV observations and modeling of proton-induced aurora. [Abstract]

  25. Immel, T.J., et al., Characterization of Earth's FUV dayglow using the IMAGE FUV imagers. [Abstract]

  26. Jahn, J., et al., Medium Energy Neutral Atom (MENA) Imaging of Magnetospheric Substorms. [Abstract]

  27. Kataoka, R., et al., Magnetic Impulse Events: A multi event study of extended ground and space observations.

  28. Kunches, J.M., SEC's Operational Space Weather Products and Models. [Abstract]

  29. Mende, S.B., et al., Time Lapse Movies of IMAGE Fuv Observations of Recent Periods of High Geomagnetic Activity. [Abstract]

  30. Mende, S.B., et al., Imaging the Aurora in the Far Ultraviolet from the IMAGE Spacecraft. [Abstract]

  31. Mitchell, D.G., et al., Observations of small geomagnetic storms by the High Energy Neutral Atom Camera on the IMAGE spacecraft. [Abstract]

  32. Mitchell, D.G., et al., IMAGE Observations of the Bastille Day Storm in Energetic Neutral Atom Images. [Abstract]

  33. Moore, T.E., et al., Low Energy Neutral Atoms in the Magnetosphere. [Abstract]

  34. Pollock, C.J., et al., ENA Observations of the Earth's Magnetosphere during the August 12, 2000 Geomagnetic Storm. [Abstract]

  35. Reeves, G.D., et al., Simultaneous ENA Observations of Ring Current Injection from IMAGE and POLAR. [Abstract]

  36. Reiff, P.H., et al., Earth Update / Space Update - a Digital Library for the rest of us. [Abstract]

  37. Reinisch, B., et al., The Radio Plasma Imager on IMAGE: Measuring Techniques and First Results. [Abstract]

  38. Rilee, M.L., et al., Bayesian Echo Detection Applied to IMAGE Radio Plasma Imager Data. [Abstract]

  39. Roelof, E.C., et al., Importance of Energetic Neutral Atom Emission from the Exosphere: IMAGE/HENA. [Abstract]

  40. Sandel, B.R., et al., An Overview of IMAGE EUV Observations of the Plasmasphere. [Abstract]

  41. Sandel, B.R., et al., Small-Scale Spatial Structures in the Plasmasphere. [Abstract]

  42. Sigwarth, J. B., et al., Overview of Auroral Activity During the Bastille Day Event 14-16 July 2000.

  43. Skoug, R.M., et al., IMAGE/MENA observations of ENA enhancements associated with increases in magnetospheric convection strength. [Abstract]

  44. Sonwalkar, V. S., et al., Initial observations and analysis of whistler mode echoes received by RPI on IMAGE. [Abstract]

  45. Spann, J., The Immediate Auroral Response to Interplanetary Shocks. [Abstract]

  46. Sumners, C., and P. H. Reiff, Globe theatre - Digital immersive Earth and Space Productions. [Abstract]

  47. Taylor, W.W.L., et al., The IMAGE Education and Public Outreach Program: Bringing POETRY to the K-12 community. [Abstract]

  48. Voss, H.D., et al., IMAGE/HENA/SSD Low-Altitude ENA Images in Coordination with High-Resolution Pitch Angle Observations from POLAR/SEPS. [Abstract]

  49. Wilson, G.R., et al., Ion Energization in the Auroral Zone: IMAGE/LENA Observations of low Altitude Heating Region Characteristics. [Abstract]

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