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IMAGE Science Center


s, sec second(s)
S/C Spacecraft
S/N Signal-to-Noise
SA Solar Array
SAA South Atlantic Anomaly
SCAMA Switching, Conferencing, and Monitoring Arrangement
SCO Subcarrier Oscillator
SCT Spacecraft Control Team
SCU Spacecraft Control Unit
SEC Space Evironment Center
SECO Second-stage Engine Cutoff
SFDU Standard Formatted Data Unit
SGSE Spacecraft Ground Support Equipment
SI Far Ultraviolet Spectrographic Imager
Science Instrument
SIM simulation
SLC Space Launch Complex
SMOC GSFC Science and Mission Operations Center
SPDT Single Pole Double Throw
SRM Solid Rocket Motor
SSC Satellite Situation Center
SSD Solid State Detector
SSR Solid State Recorder
STK Satellite Tool Kit
STOL Systems Test and Operations Language
SwRI Southwest Research Institute


t time
TAM Three-Axis Magnetometer
TCP/IP Transmission Control Protocol/Internet Protocol
TLM telemetry
TMOD Telecommunications and Mission Operations Directorate
TMS Telecommunications and Mission Services
TOF Time of Flight
TOO Target of Opportunity
TRK tracking
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