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E-E end-to-end
EEE Electrical, Electronic, Electromechanical
EGSE Electrical Ground Support Equipment
EIRP Equivalent Isotropic Radiated Power
ELV Expendable Launch Vehicle
EMC Electromagnetic Compatibility
EMI Electromagnetic Interference
EOL End of Life
EOM End of Mission
EOT End of Track
EPS Electrical Power Subsystem
ESA European Space Agency
ESN Essential Services Node
ETU Engineering Test Unit
EU Engineering Units
EUV Extreme Ultraviolet
Extreme Ultraviolet Imager


FDF Flight Dynamics Facility
FEDS Front End Data System
FOV Field of View
fp Plasma Frequency
fps feet per second
FSS Fan Sun Sensor
FTP File Transfer Protocol
FU Flight Unit
FUV Far Ultraviolet
Far Ultraviolet Imager
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