IMAGE Project: 2004 Fall Meeting of the American Geophysical Union

Talks presented at the A.G.U. Fall Meeting, San Francisco, CA, 13-17 December 2004

  1. Adrian, M.L., et al., IMAGE - POLAR Concurrent Plasmapause Observations. [Abstract]
  2. Anderson, B.J., et al., Global Proton Pressure Distributions in the Inner Magnetosphere Derived by IMAGE/HENA Using Realistic Magnetic Fields and Their Relation to Birkeland Currents Measured by Iridium. [Abstract]
  3. Baker, D.N., et al., CLUSTER measurements of energetic electron bursts in the context of global multispacecraft observations: The telescope-microscope combination. [Abstract]
  4. Benson, R.F., et al., IMAGE/RPI Electron-Density Determinations in Various Magnetospheric Domains. [Abstract]
  5. Blockx, C., et al., FUV remote sensing of the isotropic boundary and magnetotail stretching. [Abstract]
  6. Boardsen, S.A., et al., New Observations of the Non-Thermal Continuum Radiation at the Plasmapause. [Abstract]
  7. Bonnell, J.W., et al., Correlation between Large-Amplitude Electric Field Signatures Observed by Polar and Cluster within the Terrestrial Plasma Sheet and Ground-Based Signatures of Substorm Onset. [Abstract]
  8. Bryant, C.R., et al., The Connection Between Transpolar Arcs and the Recovery Phase of Substorms. [Abstract]
  9. Burch, J.L., et al., The Coupled Response of the Inner Magnetosphere to Substorms and Magnetic Storms as Seen by IMAGE and Other Magnetospheric Spacecraft. [Abstract]
  10. Cerisier, J., et al., Ionospheric Signatures of Plasma Injections in the Cusp Triggered by Solar Wind Pressure Pulses. [Abstract]
  11. Chang, S., et al., Ionospheric Signatures of LLBL for Northward IMF. [Abstract]
  12. Chua, D.H.., et al., On the Characteristics and Source Regions of Dayside Proton Precipitation. [Abstract]
  13. Collier, M.R., et al., IMAGE in the Solar Wind During the October 31, 2003 Event. [Abstract]
  14. Darrouzet, F., et al., Analysis of Plasmaspheric Plumes: CLUSTER and IMAGE Observations and Numerical Simulations. [Abstract]
  15. Dent, Z.C., et al., Co-ordinated IMAGE satellite and ground-magnetometer observations of a cross-phase reversal at a steep plasmapause. [Abstract]
  16. Denton, M.H., et al., Investigation of the Effects of IMF Orientation Upon Delivery of Plasma Sheet Material to the Inner Magnetosphere. [Abstract]
  17. Ebihara, Y., et al., Comparative study of post-midnight ENA flux enhancements during the August 2000 and April 2002 storms. [Abstract]
  18. Fillingim, M.O., et al., Hemispheric Asymmetries in the Dayside Aurora. [Abstract]
  19. Fok, M., et al., Observations and modeling of global O+ substorm injections. [Abstract]
  20. Frey, S., et al., Use of substorm onset observations by IMAGE-FUV for THEMIS ground-based system analysis. [Abstract]
  21. Fuselier, S.A., et al., Computing the Reconnection Rate at the Earth's Magnetopause Using Two Spacecraft Observations. [Abstract]
  22. Ganushkina, N.Y., and T.T. Pulkkinen, Particle Transport From the Plasma Sheet to the Ring Current Region and Ring Current Development Under the Influence of Substorm-Associated Electric Fields. [Abstract]
  23. Goldstein, J., Visualization of the Inner Magnetosphere. [Abstract]
  24. Goldstein, J., et al., Remote-sensing and In Situ Study of Inner Magnetospheric Coupling During Storms and Substorms. [Abstract]
  25. Hashimoto, K.K., et al., Case Study of the Evolution of Global Ionospheric Convection during Substorms. [Abstract]
  26. Immel, T., et al., An investigation of thermospheric neutral density vs. O/N2 during the Oct-Nov 2003 magnetic storms. [Abstract]
  27. Immel, T.J., et al., The climatology of low-latitude ionospheric densities and zonal drifts from IMAGE-FUV. [Abstract]
  28. Jahn, J., et al., Ring Current Composition During Sawtooth Storms. [Abstract]
  29. Keika, K., et al., Contribution of charge exchange at high altitudes to ring current decay: IMAGE/HENA observation. [Abstract]
  30. Kistler, L.M., et al., Heavy Ions in the Magnetosphere: Results from CLUSTER/CIS. [Abstract]
  31. Kozyra, J.U., et al., Coupling Processes in the Inner Magnetosphere Associated with Midlatitude Red Auroras during Superstorms. [Abstract]
  32. Lewis, W.S., et al., Auroral Undulations in the Afternoon/Dusk Sector Observed with the IMAGE FUV/Wideband Imaging Camera and Their Magnetic Connection to Plasmaspheric Plumes. [Abstract]
  33. Li, J., et al., Remote Sensing of Magnetospheric Plasma Density from the Analysis of Discrete Whistler Mode Echoes Received by RPI on IMAGE. [Abstract]
  34. Lyons, L.R., et al., Strongly Southward IMF Substorms, Dynamic Pressure Disturbances, and Null Events. [Abstract]
  35. Mende, S., et al., Multiplatform Investigation of the Role of Wave Accelerated Electrons in Magnetospheric Processes. [Abstract]
  36. Menk, F.W., and M.A. Clilverd, Multiplatform Investigation of the Role of Wave Accelerated Electrons in Magnetospheric Processes. [Abstract]
  37. Milillo, A., et al., Storm-time Global Evolution of the Inner Magnetospheric Proton Distributions: an Empirical Approach Applied to the April 21-24th 2001 Storm. [Abstract]
  38. Monk, S., et al., Acceleration and extreme distortion within the Van Allen radiation belts during the "Halloween" solar storms of 2003. [Abstract]
  39. Nsumei, P., et al., Extending the IRI Topside Electron Density Profiles to Several Re using IMAGE/RPI Measurements. [Abstract]
  40. Nsumei, P., et al., Improving the accuracy of the IRI Topside Model with RPI Electron Density Profiles.
  41. Ostgaard, N., et al., The Cusp Aurora in the Conjugate Hemispheres of the Earth. [Abstract]
  42. Pazamickas, C.J., et al., Correlation between Low Frequency AKR and Auroral Structures. [Abstract]
  43. Pollock, C.J., et al., Low altitude ENA emissions observed from various vantage points on IMAGE. [Abstract]
  44. Proddaturi, R., et al., Local Electron Density Measurements from Sounding Experiments by RPI on IMAGE. [Abstract]
  45. Robertson, I.P., et al., X-Ray Emission from the Terrestrial Magnetosheath. [Abstract]
  46. Spann, J.F., et al., Boreal winter comparison of auroral images from Polar UVI and IMAGE FUV. [Abstract]
  47. Spasojevic, M., et al., Afternoon Subauroral Proton Precipitation Resulting from Ring Current - Plasmasphere Interaction. [Abstract]
  48. Sergeev, V., et al., Transition from Substorm Growth to Substorm Expansion Phase as Observed with a Radial Configuration of ISTP and Cluster Spacecraft. [Abstract]
  49. Sonwalker, V.S., et al., Interpretation of Vector Electric Field Measurements by RPI Using Three Dipole Antennas on IMAGE. [Abstract]
  50. Taguchi, S., et al., Monitoring the ion Entry in the High-Altitude Cusp. [Abstract]
  51. Tu, J., et al., Lower Limit Of Plasma Densities At The Beginning Of Plasmaspheric Flux Tube Refilling. [Abstract]
  52. Valek, P.W., et al., Measurement of the Energetic Ion Population With the Medium Energetic Neutral Atom (MENA) Imager. [Abstract]
  53. Vieira, G.B., et al., Observation of the Solar Wind and Magnetosphere Interaction Near the Subsolar Point During Active Geomagnetic Periods on October 24 and 31, 2003. [Abstract]
  54. Vinas, A.F., et al., Dispersion Characteristics for Plasma Resonances of Maxwellian and Kappa Distribution Plasmas and their Comparisons to the IMAGE/RPI Observations. [Abstract]
  55. Webb, P.A., et al., Automated Technique to Determine the Magnetospheric Electron Density from Passive Dynamic Spectra. [Abstract]
  56. Wendel, D.E.., et al., Current Structure and Motion of a Northward IMF X-Line. [Abstract]
  57. Zhai, Y., et al., Magnetospheric Radio Tomography: Theory and CLUSTER Experiments. [Abstract]
  58. Zhang, Y., et al., GUVI/TIMED Observations of the auroral inputs and thermospheric response during the October and November 2003 Superstorms. [Abstract]

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