2003 IUGG/IAGA Meeting
2003 IUGG/IAGA Meeting
Image of IMAGE in space

Abstracts from the IUGG/IAGA Meeting, Sapporo, Japan, July 2003

  1. Gallagher, D.L., et al., IMAGE observations of plasmasphere/ring current interactions. [Abstract] New!
  2. Goldstein, J., et al., IMAGE EUV observations of plasmaspheric erosion: Indications of plasmasphere/ring-current/ionosphere coupling. [Abstract]
  3. Menk, F.W., et al., Using ULF waves as diagnostic probes of the magnetospheric density. [Abstract] New!
  4. Moldwin, M.B., et al., Outer plasmaspheric circulation. [Abstract] New!
  5. Sandel, B.R., et al., Departures from corotation in the inner magnetosphere. [Abstract] New!

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