IMAGE Project: 2001 Spring Meeting of the American Geophysical Union

Talks presented, Boston, Massachusetts, May 29-June 2, 2001

  1. Adrian, M.L., et al., The large-scale plasmaspheric density trough associated with the 24 May 2000 geomagnetic storm: IMAGE EUV observations and global core plasma modeling. [Abstract]

  2. Anderson, R.R., et al., Deducing Magnetospheric Structure From ISTP Spacecraft Observations of Enhanced Escaping Terrestrial Continuum Radiation and Kilometric Continuum Radiation. [Abstract]

  3. Benson, R.F., et al., Identification of Long-Range IMAGE/RPI Echoes Based on Received Power Levels. [Abstract]

  4. Brandt, P.C., et al., IMAGE/HENA: Examples of the ring current - IMF relation. [Abstract]

  5. Brandt, P.C., et al., IMAGE/HENA: Ring current - plasmasphere interaction. [Abstract]

  6. Brandt, P.C., et al., IMAGE/HENA: ENA Observation of a substorm onset. [Abstract]

  7. Burch, J.L., et al., Study of Hot/Cold Plasma Interactions in the Post-Noon Sector. [Abstract]

  8. Chang, S., et al., Auroral Signature of Bow Shock Diffuse Ions. [Abstract]

  9. Collier, M.R., et al., Seasonal variation of solar wind ENA as a measure of interstellar gas in the inner solar system. [Abstract]

  10. Collier, M.R., et al., IMAGE/LENA Observations of Neutral Atoms from the Solar Wind. [Abstract]

  11. Fok, M.C., et al., Ring Current Buildup and Decay: IMAGE Observation and Theory. [Abstract]

  12. Frey, H.U., et al., Cusp studies with IMAGE-FUV. [Abstract]

  13. Fung, S.F., et al., Modeling of Plasmaspheric Ducted Echoes Observed by the Radio Plasma Imager (RPI) on IMAGE. [Abstract]

  14. Gallagher, D.L., et al., Multiple Radially Aligned Plasmaspheric Structures Observed by IMAGE EUV. [Abstract]

  15. Garcia, L.N., et al., IMAGE-RPI Measurements of Plasmaspheric Electron Density Profiles and Comparisons With Plasmaspheric Models and EUV Observations. [Abstract]

  16. G'erard, J.C., et al., Determination of electron and proton auroral energy inputs from FUV-IMAGE.

  17. Ghielmetti, A., et al., Imaging of the Interstellar Gas Flow for Different Species and Necessary Instrumental Techniques.
  18. Goldstein, J., et al., MSM Simulation of the Plasmaspheric Shoulder, and Comparison to Data from IMAGE EUV. [Abstract]

  19. Hamilton, D.G., et al., A Comparison of the Composition of the Ring Current from IMAGE/HENA with that of Upflowing Ionospheric Ions from IMAGE/LENA during Magnetic Storms. [Abstract]

  20. Henderson, M. G., et al., The Relationship Between Storms, Substorms, and "Steady Magnetospheric Driving" Events.

  21. Immel, T.J., et al., Derivation of Auroral Conductances from IMAGE FUV. [Abstract]

  22. Jahn, J.-M., et al., Global Medium Energy Plasma Dynamics During Substorms. [Abstract]

  23. Liemohn, M.W., et al., IMAGE-RAM Comparisons of the Stormtime Ring Current.

  24. McGuire, R.E., et al., CDAWeb and SSCWeb: Expanding Correlative Sun-Earth-Connections Science Services in the New Era of IMAGE and Cluster. [Abstract]

  25. Mende, S.B., et al., Electron and Proton Auroral Dynamics. [Abstract]

  26. Mitchell, D.G., et al., Local Time Asymmetries in the Main Phase of Two Geomagnetic Storms as a Function of Ion Energy. [Abstract]

  27. Mitchell, D.G., et al., Simulation of IMAGE Observations of a Substorm Injection on June 10, 2000. [Abstract]

  28. Pollock, C.J., et al., Transport and Loss of Injected Magnetospheric Plasmas. [Abstract]

  29. Rastatter, L., et al., Topology in MHD Simulation Compared With IMAGE and POLAR Imaging Data for the Bastille Day Event.

  30. Roelof, E. C. and R. Demajistre, On the Extraction of Ring Current Ion Pitch-Angle Distributions from ENA Images. [Abstract]

  31. Salvati, M., et al., Plasmaspheric Structure Revealed by Radio Sounding. [Abstract]

  32. Sandel, B.R., et al., Relations Among Complex Spatial Structures in the Plasmasphere. [Abstract]

  33. Vo, H. B., et al., Simultaneous Observations of Dayside Auroral Transient and its Counterparts Near The Magnetopause.

  34. Wilson, G.R., et al., What the LENA data tells us about high latitude ion energization: Model data comparisons. [Abstract]

  35. Wurz, P., et al., Neutral Particle Imaging Using Surface Ionization to Study the Neutral Gas Distributions in the Heliosphere.
  36. Wygant, J. R., et al., Spacecraft Observations of Intense Electric and Magnetic Field Fluctuations and Associated Earthward Magnetic Field-aligned Poynting Flux Throughout the Plasma Sheet at 4-6 Re Altitudes during Major Geomagnetic Storms.

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