Meetings and Workshops
Meetings and Workshops
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UDF Workshops

Raytheon ITSS
Lanham, MD 20706
24-25 August 1999

Southwest Research Institute
San Antonio, TX 78228
08-09 September 1999



This will be two special training workshops on "Using IMAGE UDFs" lead by Chris Gurgiolo. The first workshop is scheduled for Goddard on August 26-27. The second will be held at Southwest Research institute on Sept. 08-09. The agenda for the workshops will follow the same format, listed below. To enroll in the SwRI workshop, contact Dennis Gallagher ( Logistical information will be provided by SwRI as it becomes available.

Information on the UDF Workshop at Goddard (Aug. 24-25)


The first day will be orientated more towards people who may be doing PIDF and VIDF upkeep and programming using the UDF kernel software. The second day will be orientated more towards the end user. A broad agenda is included below and can be expanded in real-time. The meeting, as much as possible will be hands on - more so on day 2 than 1 although I would like to be hands on for simple UDF code development. There are 5 Linux systems available, all loaded and ready to go. If you have specific UDF data definitions that you would like available please let Chris Gurgiolo know which they are.

Day 2 may not be a full day, however it is almost fully hands on. The UDFplot has a lot of options and there will be lot of discussion probably on what they do and how they operate. There may also be leftovers from Day 1. I expect the feedback section to be rather lively and it will lay the direction for further work in the software area. It will also give me the opportunity to find out what, in all of this, you will make use of so I can concentrate what efforts I put into it in those areas.

Nominal beginning time: 9:00 a.m.

Day 1

  1. The Blank install
  2. The UDFAdmin Tool - what it does (and does not do), how to use it, what needs to be added to it
  3. The UDF file system
    1. Header file
    2. Data file
    3. VIDF
    4. PIDF
  4. Modifying the PIDF and VIDF
  5. How to write UDF Algorithms
  6. Basic Coding
    1. The UDF kernel software
      1. Essential routines
      2. Linking Code
    2. The "Hello World" program in UDF data acquisition
    3. Beyond "Hello World"
    4. Writing UDF generic programs
  7. Using the Generic Menus to create a useful interface
  8. The generic graphics software

Day 2

  1. The ASCII dump program tour
    1. Filling in the menus
  2. The UDFplot program tour
    1. Filling in the menus
    2. Line Plots
    3. SpectroScalar Plots
    4. Spectrograms Plots
    5. Theta-Plots Plots
  3. Feedback
    1. What is missing that we need
      1. Documentation
      2. Software

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