IMAGE Project: 8th International Conference on Substorms

Talks presented at the 8th International Conference on Substorms, Banff, Canada, March, 2006

  1. Aasnes, A., et al., Magnetotail plasma sheet energetic electron (>40 keV) response to substorms. New!
  2. Amm O., et al., Analysis of mesoscale ionospheric substorm signatures. New!
  3. Apatenkov, S., et al., Multi-satellite observation of plasma injection/dipolarization in the inner magnetosphere. New!
  4. Blockx, C., et al., FUV remote sensing of the proton isotropy boundary and magnetotail stretching during growth phases. New!
  5. Brandt, P.C., et al., Global Ring-Current Response to Storm-Substorms. New!
  6. Brandt, P.C., et al., Global perspective on storm-substorm relationship at Earth and beyond. New!
  7. Bryant, C., et al., Depletion of Electrons in a Multiple Substorm Event. New!
  8. Coumans, V., et al., Proton precipitation during substorm growth phase observed by IMAGEFUV: a case study. New!
  9. Donovan, E., et al., Azimuthal Extent of Substorm Expansive Phase Onset. New!
  10. Fazakerley, A., et al., Substorm studies with Cluster and Double Star. New!
  11. Forsyth, C., et al., Observations of tail dynamics using ground and space based instruments during a period of multiple substorms. New!
  12. Frey, H., and S. Mende, Substorm onsets as observed by IMAGE-FUV. New!
  13. Gerard, J-C. and D. Grodent, Solar wind-magnetosphere coupling and auroral signature. New!
  14. Goldstein, J., et al., The Magnetotail-Driven Inner Magnetosphere. New!
  15. Grocott, A., et al., Towards a synthesis of substorm electrodynamics: HF radar and auroral observations. New!
  16. Horton, W., et al., Review of Kinetic Instabilities Associated with Substorms. New!
  17. Hubert, B., et al., Monitoring the dayside and nightside reconnection rates during various auroral events using IMAGE-FUV and SuperDARN data. New!
  18. Kan, J.R., et al., Ring Current Injection Conjecture: Ring Current Intensity Increases with X-Line Formed Closer to Earth in the Plasma Sheet. New!
  19. Kavanagh, A. and F. Honary, Dayside electron precipitation following substorm onsets. New!
  20. Kistler, L., et al., Ionospheric Input to the Magnetotail During Substorm. New!
  21. Lyons, L., et al., Relation of Substorm Disturbances Triggered by Abrupt Solar-Wind Changes to Physics of Plasma Sheet Transport. New!
  22. McWilliams, K.A., et al., SuperDARN and IMAGE WIC Observations during intervals of Steady Magnetospheric Convection. New!
  23. Mende, S., et al., Alfven wave produced auroras during substorms. New!
  24. Meurant, M., et al., Global survey of the isotropic boundary during substorm expansive phase. New!
  25. Milan, S., et al., Flux transport in the Dungey cycle: A survey of dayside and nightside reconnection rates. New!
  26. Nose, M., et al., Simultaneous observations of ions of ionospheric origin over the ionosphere and in the plasma sheet at storm-time substorms. New!
  27. Ostgaard, N., et al., Conjugate imaging of substorms. New!
  28. Pilipenko, V., et al., An attempt to locate substorm onsets using Pi1 signatures. New!
  29. Shiokawa, K., et al., Ground and satellite observations of substorm onset arcs. New!
  30. Sergeev, V., et al., Relationship of magnetic reconnection and injections/dipolarizations. New!
  31. Voronkov, I., et al., Features of magnetosphere-ionosphere coupling at breakups and onset inferred from in situ and ground-based multi-instrument alignment. New!
  32. Wanliss, J., and G. Rostoker Image analysis and modelling of substorm onsets. New!
  33. Weygand, J., et al., Substorm onset location and the Harang discontinuity. New!
  34. Zou, S., et al., Dayside Convection Changes Observed by SuperDARN during Sawtooth Events. New!

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