IMAGE Project: 2005 Fall Meeting of the American Geophysical Union

Talks presented at the A.G.U. Fall Meeting, San Francisco, CA, 5-9 December 2005

  1. Anderson, P.C., et al., The Effects of Subauroral Electric Fields on the Structure of the Plasmapause. [Abstract] New!
  2. Beauvais, E., et al., A Study of the Temporal and Spatial Development of Substorm Expansion Phase Onset Signatures. [Abstract] New!
  3. Boardsen, S.A., et al., Analysis of "Christmas Tree" radiation patterns seen in kilometric continuum detected by RPI on the IMAGE spacecraft. [Abstract] New!
  4. Burch, J.L., Cross-Scale Coupling in the Inner Magnetosphere and Ionosphere: New Insights From Imaging. [Abstract] New!
  5. Cao, X., et al., TC-1 and Cluster Observation of Substorm Dipolarization on Sep 14, 2004. [Abstract] New!
  6. DeJong, A.D., and C.R. Clauer, Steady Magnetospheric Convection Events: A statistical analysis. [Abstract] New!
  7. Denton, M.H., et al., Convection-driven delivery of plasma sheet material to the inner magnetosphere. [Abstract] New!
  8. Farrugia, C.J., and P. Sandholt, Reconnection Tailward of the Cusp Under Negative IMF Bz Conditions. [Abstract] New!
  9. Frey, H.U., and S.B. Mende, Substorm onset observations by IMAGE-FUV: Southern Hemisphere 2003-2005. [Abstract] New!
  10. Fritz, T., et al., Earthward Flowing Plasmoid: Structure and Its Related Auroral Signature. [Abstract] New!
  11. Galkin, I.A., et al., Data Prospecting with CORPRAL: Pre-attentive Vision Model at Work. [Abstract] New!
  12. Gallagher, D.L., et al., Unusual Density Structures in the Outer Plasmasphere Near the Magnetic Equator. [Abstract] New!
  13. Green, J.l., et al., Role of Density Depletion Ducts on the Generation of Continuum Radiation. [Abstract] New!
  14. Hsu, T., et al., A Comparison of The Location of The Central Meridian of Substorm Current Wedge with Auroral Images and Geosynchronous Observations. [Abstract] New!
  15. Hubert, B.A., et al., Magnetic Flux Closure Directly Induced by Interplanetary Shocks: Observations Using IMAGE-FUV and SuperDARN, and Modelling With GUMICS-4. [Abstract] New!
  16. Jones, S.T., and M. Fok, Modeling of Oxygen ions in inner magnetosphere during substorms. [Abstract] New!
  17. Koustov, A.V., et al., Restructuring of Nightside Convection During Substorm. [Abstract] New!
  18. Menk, F.W., et al., Plasmaspheric mass and electron densities during a prolonged disturbed interval. [Abstract] New!
  19. Merkin, V.G., et al., A global MHD simulation of an event with a quasi-steady northward IMF. [Abstract] New!
  20. Newman, T.S., et al., Web-based tool suite for plasmasphere information recovery. [Abstract] New!
  21. Perez, J.C., et al., Theory and Simulations of Auroral Undulations Associated with Instabilities in the Dusk Sector Plasma Sheet. [Abstract] New!
  22. Provan, G., et al., Modulation of Dayside Reconnection During Northward IMF. [Abstract] New!
  23. Pu, Z., et al., Double Star and Cluster Observations of Magnetic Reconnection at the Dayside Magnetopause. [Abstract] New!
  24. Pulkkinen, T.I., et al., Storm-Time Substorms and Sawtooth Events: Test for Substorm Models. [Abstract] New!
  25. Reinisch, B.W., et al., Modeling the F2 Topside and Plasmasphere for IRI. [Abstract] New!
  26. Sandel, B.R., and M.H. Denton, Measurements and Modeling of Ionosphere-Plasmasphere Transport. [Abstract] New!
  27. Song, P., et al., Electron Density Images of the Middle and High Latitude Magnetosphere in Response to the Solar Wind. [Abstract] New!
  28. Taylor, M.G., et al., Sources of Cold Dense Plasma Sheet:A Multi-Satellite, Multipoint Case Study. [Abstract] New!
  29. Tu, J., et al., Specifying plasma density profiles for plasmasphere refilling using IMAGE/RPI observations. [Abstract] New!
  30. Wang, C., et al., Tomographic reconstruction of plasma density via latitude variation model parameter recovery. [Abstract] New!
  31. Wendell, D.E., et al., Magnetic Structure and Particle Flow at a Northward IMF Reconnection Line. [Abstract] New!
  32. Wu, P., et al., High Resolution Substorm Energetic Electrons seen in the Magnetotail by all 4 CLUSTER satellites. [Abstract] New!
  33. Zhang, H., et al., Magnetic Flux Pileup and Magnetic Field Dipolarization During Substorm. [Abstract] New!
  34. Zhang, X., et al., Multi-Spacecraft Observation of a High-Speed Flow Event at the Dayside Magnetopause for Strong IMF By: A Preliminary Study. [Abstract] New!

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