2005 AOGS Talks: Abstracts
2005 AOGS Talks: Abstracts
Image of IMAGE in space

2nd Annual Asia Oceanic Geosciences Society Meeting

Presentations, Singapore, 20-24 June 2005

  1. Baker, D.M., et al., Acceleration and extreme distortion within the Van Allen Radiation Belts during the "Halloween" solar storms of 2003. [Abstract] New!
  2. Brandt, P.C., et al., ENA imaging of the inner magnetosphere. [Abstract] New!
  3. Brandt, P.C., et al., Comparative ENA imaging of Earth, Saturn, Titan and Mars. [Abstract] New!
  4. Ebihara, Y., and M-C. Fok, Theoretical modeling for ENA investigations at Earth. [Abstract] New!
  5. Fok, M-C., et al., Behavior of Oxygen Ions During Substorms. [Abstract] New!
  6. Fok, M-C., et al., Neutral Atom Imaging of Solar Wind Interaction With Venus. [Abstract] New!
  7. Fung, S.F., et al., Correlative Study of High- and Low-Altitude Whistler Wave Observations and Radiation Belt Structure. [Abstract] New!
  8. Jordanova, V.K., Proton Precipitation During Detached Subauroral Arc Events: Observations and Modeling. [Abstract] New!
  9. McKenna-Lawlor, S., et al., Energetic Neutral Atom (ENA) images of the disturbed ring current recorded by the NUADU instrument on TC-2 and complementary data obtained by HENA/IMAGE during favorable relative positions of the orbits of the two spacecraft. [Abstract] New!
  10. Pollock, C.J., et al., Energetic Neutral Atom (ENA) Measurements on IMAGE: A Technological Review. [Abstract] New!

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