2004 URSI Talks: Abstracts
2004 URSI Talks: Abstracts
Image of IMAGE in space

URSI National Radio Science Meeting

Presentations, Boulder, Colorado, USA, 4-8 January 2004

  1. Benson, R., et al., Relating Magnetospheric Upper-Hybrid Band Enhancements on Passive Dynamic Spectra to characteristic plasma frequencies determined from active RPI sounding on IMAGE.
  2. Green, J., et al., Intensity Distribution of Whistler Mode Emissions in the Plasmasphere: Comparisons with the Radiation Belts. [Abstract]
  3. Green, J., et al., Plasma Wave Maps of the Magnetosphere. [Abstract]
  4. Reinisch, B.W., et al., Observations of the Inner Magnetospheric and Radiation Belt Processes by Radio Plasma Imager on IMAGE. [Abstract]
  5. Sales, G.S., et al., Measuring whistler mode signals in the magnetosphere originating from ground-based VLF transmitters using the IMAGE/RPI satellite.

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