2004 MIW Talks: Abstracts
2004 MIW Talks: Abstracts
Image of IMAGE in space

Inner Magnetospheric Interactions

Presentations, Yosemite, California, 3 - 6 February 2004

  1. Adrian, M.L., and D.L. Gallagher, The Evolution and Morphology of Plasmaspheric Low-Density Channels. [Abstract]
  2. Anderson, R.R., et al., Using Plasma Wave Emissions to Measure Plasma Density and to Deduce Plasma Structure and Dynamics. [Abstract]
  3. Brandt, P.C., et al., Relations Between the Ring Current and Sub-Auroral Electric Fields. [Abstract]
  4. Brandt, P.C., et al., Relation Between the Electric Fields, Ring Current, Ionosphere, and Plasmasphere.
  5. Burch, J.L.., et al., Cause of Plasmasphere Corotation Lag. [Abstract]
  6. Cabrera, J., et al., Wavelet Analysis of EUV Plasmasphere Maps. [Abstract]
  7. Carpenter, D.L., and J. Lemaire, The Plasmasphere Boundary Layer (PBL); A New Framework for Study of the Plasmapause/Plasmasphere. [Abstract]
  8. Carpenter, D.L., et al., The Whistler- and Z-Modes: New Tools For Radio Sounding of the Plasmasphere and Polar Regions from Middle to Low Altitudes. [Abstract]
  9. Dandouras, I., et al., Multipoint Observations of Ionic Structures in the Plasmasphere by CLUSTER - CIS and Comparisons with IMAGE-EUV Observations and with Model Simulations. [Abstract]
  10. Denton, M.H., et al., Storm-Time Plasma Signatures Ob-served by MENA and Comparison with a Global Physics-Based Model. [Abstract]
  11. Foster, J., Ground-Based / Image Observations of the Redistribution of the Stormtime Ionosphere and the Formation of the Plasmaspheric Bulge. [Abstract]
  12. Fraser, B.J., et al., The Relationship Between Plasma Density Structure and ULF Waves at Geosynchronous Orbit. [Abstract]
  13. Gallagher, D., et al., The Origin and Evolution of Deep Plasmaspheric Notches. [Abstract]
  14. Galvan, D., et al., Comparison of Geosynchronous Quiet-Time Plasmaspheric Density Structure with IMAGE EUV Observations. [Abstract]
  15. Goldstein, J., et al., Studying the Physics of the Plasmasphere and Inner Magnetosphere Using Global Imaging. [Abstract]
  16. Green, J., et al., Distributions of Plasmaspheric Plasma Waves. [Abstract]
  17. Gurgiolo, C., et al., A Global Look at the Plasmasphere/Ring Current Overlap as a Source of Heat Flux Into the Upper Ionosphere. [Abstract]
  18. Herbert, F., and B.R. Sandel, 3D Structure and Dynamics of the Plasmasphere. [Abstract]
  19. Hill, M.E., et al., Energetic Neutral Atom Response to the Interaction Between the Magnetosphere and the Solar Wind During the Halloween 2003 Geomagnetic Storm Period. [Abstract]
  20. Hubert, B., et al., Properties of Dayside Subauroral Proton Flashes Observed with IMAGE-FUV. [Abstract]
  21. Immel, T.J., et al., ULF Waves Associated with Enhanced Subauroral Proton Precipitation. [Abstract]
  22. Jahn, J.-M., et al., Oxygen Injections Into the Ring Current: Simultaneous Inner Magnetosphere and Tail Observations. [Abstract]
  23. Jonsson, K., The NUADU ENA Instrument and Possibilities of Comparative ENA Measurements with the HENA Instrument on IMAGE. [Abstract]
  24. Jordanova, V.K., et al., Modeling Ring Current and Radiation Belt Dynamics During October 2001. [Abstract]
  25. Larsen, B.A., et al., Global Plasmaspheric Response to Varying Solar Wind-Magnetosphere Coupling. [Abstract]
  26. Liemohn, M.W., et al., Analysis of Conductance Effects on Inner Magnetospheric Electric Fields. [Abstract]
  27. Mannucci, A.J., et al., Global Ionospheric Response to Intense Solar Wind Forcing and Ionospheric Coupling to the Magnetosphere and Plasmasphere. [Abstract]
  28. Mende, S.B., et al., Plasma Injection and Proton Precipitation in the Magnetosphere. [Abstract]
  29. Mitchell, D.G., et al., Ion Precipitation from the Ring Current: Local Time and Storm Phase Dependence, and Importance for Interpreting One and Two Vantage Point Energetic Neutral Atom Image Inversions. [Abstract]
  30. Moore, T.E., et al., The Storm Ring Current as an Ionospheric Phenomenon. [Abstract]
  31. Pierrard, V., and J.F. Lemaire, Simulations of Plasmapause Deformations During Magnetic Substorms and Other Variations in the Level of Geomagnetic Activity. [Abstract]
  32. Roelof, E.C., Pressure-Driven Currents Derived from Global ENA Images by IMAGE/HENA. [Abstract]
  33. Sandel, B.R., and W.T. Forrester, Refilling of the Plasmasphere as Seen by IMAGE EUV. [Abstract]
  34. Smith, Z.B., et al., Plasmaspheric Refilling Models in Light of IMAGE Observations. [Abstract]
  35. Spann, J.F., et al., The Role of Auroral Imaging in Understanding Ionosphere-Inner Magnetosphere Interactions. [Abstract]
  36. Spasojevic, M., et al., Further Exploration of the Relationship Between Subauroral Proton Precipitation and Plasmaspheric Plumes. [Abstract]
  37. Ukhorskiy, A.Y., et al., The Relation Between the Ring Current and Relativistic Electron Dynamics in the Earth's Outer Radiation Belt. [Abstract]
  38. Vallat, C., et al., First Comparisons of Local Ion Measurements in the Inner Magnetosphere with ENA Magnetospheric Image Inversions: Cluster- CIS and IMAGE- HENA Observations. [Abstract]
  39. Zanetti, L., et al., Connections within Geospace, Living With a Star Response. [Abstract]

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