2004 COSPAR Talks: Abstracts
2004 COSPAR Talks: Abstracts
Image of IMAGE in space

35th COSPAR Scientific Assembly

Presentations, Paris, France, July 18-25, 2004

  1. Anderson, R.R., et al., Using plasma wave emissions to measure plasma density and to deduce plasma structure and dynamics. [Abstract]
  2. Baker, D.N., et al., CLUSTER measurements of space plasmas in the context of global modeling and observations: the telescope-microscope connection. [Abstract]
  3. Berchem, J., et al., Investigation of the large scale topology of the dayside merging region using global simulations. [Abstract]
  4. Boardsen, S., et al., Observations of the relation of the macroscopic shape of the plasmapause to the microscopic generation of escaping non-thermal continuum radiation. [Abstract]
  5. Collier, M.R., et al., ROSAT and XMM-Newton observations of solar wind charge exchange with neutral atoms. [Abstract]
  6. Collier, M.R., et al., Correlations between neutral and ionized solar wind. [Abstract]
  7. Frey, H.U., et al., The combination of auroral imaging and spacecraft in-situ measurements for M-1 coupling research. [Abstract]
  8. Gardner, L.C. and R. W. Schunk, The neutral polar wind. [Abstract]
  9. Jahn, J-M., et al., M-1 coupling observed: Concurrent measurements of precipitating and trapped magnetospheric particle populations from a single vantage point. [Abstract]
  10. Keiling, A., et al., Small- and large scale features of energy-dispersed ions in the PSBL observed simultaneously in both hemispheres by CLUSTER, GEOTAIL, and IMAGE. [Abstract]
  11. Massetti, S., et al., Large scale magnetospheric-ionospheric cusp/LLBL dynamics as monitored by joint ground-based and space observations in the Greenland-Svalbard zone. [Abstract]
  12. Pollock, C.J., et al., The exosphere/ring current interface: IMAGE observations of ENAS emitted from low altitude. [Abstract]
  13. Roelof, E.C., et al., Intensities of energetic neutral atoms produced by high-energy tails of pickup protons in the solar wind. [Abstract]
  14. Sagawa, E., et al., Longitudinal dependence of the equatorial ionization anomaly observed by IMAGE/FUV. [Abstract]
  15. Sonwalker, V., et al., Whistler and Z mode radio sounding of the magnetosphere at altitudes < 5000 km by RPI on IMAGE. [Abstract]
  16. Stubbs, T.J., et al., Simultaneous observations of the auroral oval in both hemispheres under various conditions. [Abstract]
  17. Tsurutani, B.T., et al., The extreme solar flares of October 28th and November 4th, 2003 and resultant extreme ionospheric effects. [Abstract]
  18. Vo, H., et al., Plasmaspheric drainage plumes: Simultaneous remote sensing and in-situ observations plus the ionospheric footprints. [Abstract]
  19. Webb, P., et al., Magnetospheric electron-density determinations from emissions in the upper-hybrid band observed by RPI on IMAGE. [Abstract]

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