2003 MIW Talks: Abstracts
2003 MIW Talks: Abstracts
Image of IMAGE in space

The Dayside Magnetopause and Cusp

Talks presented, Yosemite, California, 9 - 13 February 2003

  1. Berchem, J., et al., Comparison between Global MHD Simulations and Simultaneous CLUSTER and IMAGE Observations of Dayside Auroral Proton Precipitation. [Abstract]
  2. Bosqued, J.M., et al., Spatio-Temporal Features in the Mid-Altitude Cusp: Cluster-IMAGE-SuperDarn Correlated Observations. [Abstract]
  3. Chandler, M.O., and T.E. Moore, Observations of the Geopause at the Equatorial Magnetopause. [Abstract]
  4. Chang, S.-W., et al., Dayside Merging for Northward IMF. [Abstract]
  5. Foster, J., et al., Ground-Based Observations of the Flux of Plasmaspheric Ions to the Dayside Magnetopause. [Abstract]
  6. Frey, H.U.., and S.A. Fuselier, Solar Wind Control of Proton Precipitation into the Cusp. [Abstract]
  7. Goldstein, J.M., et al., Erosion and the dynamic development of dayside plasmaspheric drainage plumes. [Abstract]
  8. Moore, T.E., et al., Footprints of Dayside Reconnection. [Abstract]
  9. Newell, P.T., et al., The Cusp and the Double Cusp: Observations, Modeling and Implications for Antiparallel Merging. [Abstract]
  10. Petrinec, S.M., and S.A. Fuselier, An Examination of the Magnetic Merging Process at the Dayside Magnetopause for Southward IMF. [Abstract]
  11. Phan, T., et al., Simultaneous Cluster and IMAGE Observations of Cusp Reconnection and Auroral Proton Spot under Northward IMF Conditions. [Abstract]
  12. Reiff, P.H., et al., Density Distributions in Cusp, Polar Cap, and Magnetopause from IMAGE/RPI.
  13. Spasojevic, M., et al., The Formation of Plasmaspheric Plumes and the Loss of Plasmaspheric Plasma to the Boundary Layers. [Abstract]

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