IMAGE Project: 2003 Fall Meeting of the American Geophysical Union

Talks presented at the A.G.U. Fall Meeting, San Francisco, CA, 8-12 December 2003

  1. Berchem, J., et al., Determining the Origin of Structures Observed in Cusp Ion Dispersions: A Case Study Using Global Simulations and Simultaneous CLUSTER and IMAGE Observations. [Abstract] New!
  2. Berube, D., et al., Characterizing the mass composition of the inner magnetosphere using ground and space-based techniques. [Abstract]
  3. Boardsen, S., et al., Intensity Distribution of Plasmaspheric Hiss in the Plasmasphere. [Abstract]
  4. Brandt. P.C., et al., Relation between the ring current, ionosphere and plasmasphere.
  5. Dandouras, I., et al., Multipoint Observations of Ionic Structures in the Plasmasphere by CLUSTER-CIS and Comparisons With IMAGE-EUV Observations. [Abstract] New!
  6. DeMajistre, R., et al., ENA Images of Ring Current Ion Precipitation 14-24 April 2002. [Abstract] New!
  7. Foster, J.C., et al., Stormtime Redistribution of the Low-Latitude Ionosphere and the Formation of the Plasmaspheric Bulge. [Abstract] New!
  8. Frey, H.U., et al., Response of the dayside aurora to the October/November storms.
  9. Frey, H.U., et al., Investigation of cusp dynamics with IMAGE-FUV.
  10. Fuselier, S.A., et al., Hot-cold plasma interactions and the generation of transient dayside sub-auroral proton precipitation. [Abstract] New!
  11. Garcia, K.S., et al., Comparison of Rice Field Model to Simultaneous Conjugate Auroral Images.
  12. Goldstein, J., et al., Plasmaspheric Dynamics: Solar-Wind/IMF and Sub-Auroral Coupling. [Abstract] New!
  13. Green, J.L., et al., Remote Radio Sounding Science For JIMO. [Abstract]
  14. Keika, K., et al., Contribution of ion flow-out and charge exchange processes to the decay of the storm-time ring current. [Abstract] New!
  15. Khan, H., et al., Magnetosheath Neutral Atom Observations and the Relationship With Radar Backscatter in the Cusp: Combined Observations From IMAGE LENA and SuperDARN. [Abstract] New!
  16. Korth, H., et al., Conditions Governing High-Latitude Dayside Aurora During IMF B_y>0. [Abstract] New!
  17. Larsen, B.A., et al., Global plasmaspheric dynamics and L-shell dependent rotations from inverted data from the IMAGE EUV plasmaspheric imager. [Abstract] New!
  18. Lewis, W.S., et al., Shock-Induced Proton Aurora: Five Case Studies. [Abstract] New!
  19. Lin, C.S., et al., Simultaneous Observations of Equatorial Plasma Depletion by IMAGE and ROCSAT-1 Satellites. [Abstract] New!
  20. Mende, S.B., et al., Local time propagation of electron and proton auroras in substorms. [Abstract] New!
  21. Mende, S.B., et al., Alfven wave produced auroras during substorms. [Abstract] New!
  22. Nsumei, P., et al., Latitudinal variation of the electron density over the northern polar cusp from RPI/IMAGE observations. [Abstract] New!
  23. Ostgaard, N., et al., IMF control of the theta aurora and substorm onset location in the conjugate hemispheres.
  24. Paznukhov, V., et al., Monitoring the Ground-Based VLF transmissions from Space using IMAGE/RPI. [Abstract]
  25. Perez, J.D., et al., The Relationship Between Proton Aurora and Trapped Ion Flux as Seen by IMAGE. [Abstract]
  26. Sonwalker, V.S., et al., Remote Sensing of Magnetospheric Plasma Density from the Analysis of Whistler Mode Echoes Received by RPI on IMAGE. [Abstract]
  27. Spann, J.F., et al., Conjugate and Same-Scene Auroral Imagery. [Abstract] New!
  28. Stubbs, T.J., et al., Conjugate auroral observations under various interplanetary conditions.
  29. Taguchi, S., et al., Dynamic Features of the High-Altitude Cusp: IMAGE/LENA Observations. [Abstract] New!
  30. Tu, J.-N., et al., Modeling polar cap field-aligned electron density profiles measured with IMAGE Radio Plasma Imager. [Abstract]
  31. Wang, X.Y., et al., Timing of Substorm Signals in the Plasma Sheet and the Auroral Region. [Abstract]
  32. Weatherwax, A.T., et al., Polar Experiment Network for Geospace Upper-atmosphere Investigations (PENGUIn): A Vision for Global Polar Studies and Education.
  33. Wendel, D.E., et al., Cluster Electron Cusp Dispersions and IMAGE Proton Auroras as Evidence for Continuous Merging at the Magnetosphere. [Abstract] New!
  34. Wygant, J.R., The Structure and Dynamics of Poynting Flux in the Geomagnetic Tail and its Role in Generating Aurora. [Abstract] New!
  35. Zesta, E., et al., Association of north-south Poleward Boundary Intensifications (PBI) orientation with plasma sheet flow direction and the IMF. [Abstract] New!

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