2003 Chapman Talks: Abstracts
2003 Chapman Talks: Abstracts
Image of IMAGE in space

Chapman Conference on Physics and Modelling of the Inner Magnetosphere

Talks presented, Helsinki, Finland, 25-29 August 2003

  1. Alexeev, I.I., What Define the Polar Cap and Auroral Oval Magnetic Fluxes? [Abstract] New!
  2. Baker, D.N., et al., Multiple spacecraft observations of the major geomagnetic storm on 31 March 2001. [Abstract] New!
  3. Brandt, P.C., et al., Relation between the ring current pressure and mid-latitude electric fields. [Abstract] New!
  4. Goldstein, B.R., et al., Control of plasmaspheric dynamics by both convection and sub-auroral polarization stream (SAPS): Observations by IMAGE EUV compared to results of simple models. [Abstract] New!
  5. Green, J.L., et al., Plasma wave maps of the magnetosphere. [Abstract] [Word Document] New!
  6. Green, J.L., et al., Inner magnetosphere empirical plasma density models based on radio sounder observations from the RPI instrument on IMAGE. [Abstract] [Word Document] New!
  7. Menk, F., et al., Remote sensing the inner magnetosphere. [Abstract] New!
  8. Ohtani, S., et al., Storm-substorm relationship: Anticorrelated variations of the tail-current and ring-current intensities. [Abstract] New!
  9. Perez, J.D., et al., Electric fields from ion distributions extracted from ENA/HENA images. [Abstract] New!
  10. Perez, J.D., et al., Dynamics of Ring Current Ions as Obtained from IMAGE HENA & MENA ENA Images. New!
  11. Pollock, C.J., Solar wind control of the morphology of Earth's ring current. [Abstract] New!
  12. Sazykin, S., et al., Modeling inner magnetospheric electric fields: Latest self-consistent results. [Abstract] New!
  13. Shi, J. and Z. Liu, The Ionospheric Up-flowing He+ Ion Distribution in the Magnetosphere. [Abstract] New!
  14. Spasojevic, M., et al., The link between a detached subauroral proton arc and a plasmaspheric plume. New!
  15. Vallat, C., et al., Ring current structure and dynamics: Local measurements (CLUSTER/CIS and FGM) and Global Observations (IMAGE/HENA). [Abstract] New!

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