2002 WPGM Talks: Abstracts
2002 WPGM Talks: Abstracts
Image of IMAGE in space

AGU Western Pacific Geophysical Meeting, Wellington, New Zealand, 9-12 July 2002.

  1. Dent, Z.C., et al., Storm-Time Magnetospheric Plasma Dynamics: Coordinated Ground-Based Magnetometer and IMAGE RPI Observations. [Abstract]
  2. Horwitz, J.L., et al., Simulation of plasmaspheric density distributions along plasmaspheric field lines as measured by IMAGE/RPI. [Abstract]
  3. Menk, F.W., et al., Coordinated Ground-Based and In-Situ Observations of Plasma Dynamics at L=2.5. [Abstract]
  4. Thomsen, M.F., et al., Storm-Time Sawtooth Variations in the Magnetosphere. [Abstract]
  5. Tu, J., et al., Dynamic Fluid-Kinetic (DyFK) simulation of density distributions along high-latitude magnetospheric field lines as measured by IMAGE/RPI. [Abstract]
  6. Webb P.A., et al., Interpreting Local and Remote RPI/IMAGE Plasmaspheric Electron Density Measurements using a Global Plasmasphere-Ionosphere Model. [Abstract]

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