2002 MIW Talks: Abstracts
2002 MIW Talks: Abstracts
Yosemite Conference Cover

Magnetospheric Imaging Workshop

Talks presented, Yosemite, California, 5 - 8 February 2002

  1. Adrian, M. L., et al., Plasmaspheric Density Troughs: Global IMAGE EUV Observations and Analysis via Global Core Plasma Modeling. [Abstract] [Full Presentation]
  2. Baker, D. N., Telescopic and Microscopic views of the Magnetosphere: Multispacecraft Observations. [Abstract] [Full Presentation]
  3. Benson, R.F., et al., Upper-hybrid resonance or plasma line on magnetospheric passive dynamic spectra? Discrimination based on RPI active sounding on IMAGE. [Abstract]
  4. Berchem, J., Comparison between Global MHD Simulations and IMAGE Observations. [Abstract]
  5. Brandt, P. C., et al., IMAGE/HENA and MENA Observations during Storms: Implications for Strong Electric Fields at L<4?. [Abstract] [Full Presentation]
  6. Burch, J. L., The First Two Years of IMAGE. [Abstract] [Full Presentation]
  7. Carpenter, D.L., et al., Whistler and Z-mode echoes from radio sounding of the IMAGE satellite. [Abstract] [Full Presentation]
  8. Chang, S.-W., et al., Proton Aurora Dynamics in Response to IMF and Solar Wind Variations. [Abstract] [Full Presentation]
  9. Dandouras, I., et al., Preliminary Comparison between Ion Distribution Functions Measured by CLUSTER-CIS in the Inner Magnetosphere and Ion Distributions Obtained from IMAGE-HENA Energetic Neutral Atom Image Inversions. [Abstract] [Full Presentation]
  10. Dent, Z.C., et al., Magnetospheric plasma density profiles: Co-ordinated multi-instrument ground-based and IMAGE RPI satellite observations of the plasmasphere. [Abstract] [Full Presentation]
  11. Fok, M.-C., et al., Global ENA IMAGE Simulations. [Abstract] [Full Presentation]
  12. Frey, H. U., et al., Summary of Quantitative Interpretation of Image Far Ultraviolet Auroral Data. [Abstract]
  13. Fung, S. F., et al., Detecting Magnetopause-Boundary Layer Echoes by RPI on IMAGE. [Abstract] [Full Presentation]
  14. Fuselier, S. A., et al., Cusp Dynamics and Ionospheric Outflow. [Abstract] [Full Presentation]
  15. Gallagher, D., et al., IMAGE EUV & RPI Derived Distributions of Plasmaspheric Plasma and Plasmaspheric Modeling. [Abstract] [Full Presentation]
  16. Gladstone, G. R., et al., Analysis of FUV Perigee Limb Data Dayglow and Moon. [Abstract]
  17. Goldstein, J., et al., Rapid Response of the Plasmasphere to Changes in the IMF: Global Plasmapause Electric Field Measurements by IMAGE EUV. [Abstract]
  18. Green, J.L., and B.W. Reinisch, An Overview of Results from the RPI on IMAGE. [Abstract] [Full Presentation]
  19. Gurgiolo, C., et al., First Attempt at Producing a 3D Plasmasphere Model from the EUV Images. [Abstract] [Full Presentation]
  20. Henderson, M. G., et al., The Relationship Between Substorms, SMCs, and Storms. [Abstract]
  21. Henize, V. K., et al., High Latitude Topside Sounding Observations by the Radio Plasma Imager. [Abstract]
  22. Holmstrom, M., et al., Fast Imaging of Energetic Neutral Atoms near Mars. [Abstract] [Full Presentation]
  23. Hubert, C. and D. Swanson, Surface Tension Lockup in the IMAGE Nutation Damper Anomaly and Recovery. [Abstract]
  24. Huegerich, T., et al., Plasmasphere Refilling Rates Inferred from Polar and IMAGE Satellite Spectrogram Data. [Abstract] [Full Presentation]
  25. Issautier, K., et al., In Situ Plasma Diagnostics from RPI Experiment on IMAGE Using the Thermal Noise Spectroscopy Method. [Abstract]
  26. Jahn, J.-M., et al., Imaging the Dynamic Magnetosphere: Quantitative ENA Tracking During Substorms and Storms. [Abstract] [Full Presentation]
  27. Jayanti, V., et al., Parametric Studies of Field Aligned Echoes Observed by RPI/IMAGE. [Abstract] [Full Presentation]
  28. Kozyra, J. U. and M. W. Liemohn, Ring Current Energy Input and Decay. [Abstract]
  29. Liemohn, M. W., et al., Effects of the Stormtime Ring Current Driven Potential on Inner Magnetospheric Ion Drifts. [Abstract]
  30. Lindsay, B. G. and R. F. Stebbings, Charge Transfer Cross Sections Involving Oxygen Species Relevant to ENA Data Analysis. [Abstract]
  31. McComas, D. J., et al., Dim ENA Emissions from ~1-30 keV. [Abstract] [Full Presentation]
  32. Mende, S. B., et al., Global Imaging of Proton and Electron Aurora in the Far Ultraviolet. [Abstract]
  33. Mitchell, D. G.., et al., Substorm ENA Studies. [Abstract] [Full Presentation]
  34. Moldwin, M., et al., Placing Multiple In Situ Observation of the Inner Magnetosphere in Global Context with the IMAGE EUV Imager. [Abstract] [Full Presentation]
  35. Moore, T. E., et al., Solar Wind - Magnetosphere Interactions via Neutral Atom Imaging. [Abstract] [Full Presentation]
  36. Ostgaard, N., et al., Neutral Hydrogen Density Profiles Derived from Geocoronal Imaging. [Abstract]
  37. Petrinec, S. M., et al., An Examination of the Magnetic Merging Process at the Dayside Magnetopause. [Abstract]
  38. Pollock, C. J., et al., Substorm Injections as Observed using Global Energetic Neutral Atom (ENA) Imaging. [Abstract]
  39. Roelof, E.C., et al., How We are Extracting Ion Distributions from HENA Images. [Abstract]
  40. Sandel, B. R., et al., EUV Observations of the Structure and Dynamics of the Plasmasphere. [Abstract] [Full Presentation]
  41. Santolik, O., et al., Comparison of Wave Observations near the Plasmapause from Cluster with the Image EUV Data. [Abstract]
  42. Skoug, R. M., et al., Global Imaging of Sawtooth Flux Variations. [Abstract]
  43. Song, P., et al., Measuring the Plasma Density Along the Magnetic Field: A Radio Sounding Technique. [Abstract]
  44. Spasojevic, M. A., et al., RPI Sounding of the Plasmasphere: Comparison of Measurement and Simulation. [Abstract]
  45. Tapley, M., IMAGE Spacecraft Dynamics. [Abstract] [Full Presentation]
  46. Taylor, W.W.L., et al., Observations of Plasma Densities in the Polar Cap during Orbits with Theta Aurora Observations. [Abstract]
  47. Webb, P. A., Preliminary Comparisons between the Global Plasmasphere Ionosphere Density (GPID) Model and Observations Obtained by the RPI and EUV Imager. [Abstract]
  48. Weygand, J. M.., et al., Determining the Plasmapause boundary with ULF Pulsations using High to Low Latitude Ground-based Magnetometers. [Abstract]
  49. Wilson, G. R., et al., High Latitude Oxygen LENA. [Abstract] [Full Presentation]
  50. Zhang, X. X.., et al., Ion Equatorial Distributions from Energetic Neutral Atom Images Obtained by IMAGE During Geomagnetic Storms. [Abstract] [Full Presentation]

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