IMAGE Project: 2002 Fall Meeting of the American Geophysical Union

Talks to be presented, A.G.U. Fall Meeting, San Francisco, CA, 6-10 December 2002

  1. Bell, T.F., et al., Altitude Profiles of Plasma Density in the Trough Region derived from Radio Plasma Imager Observations on the IMAGE spacecraft. [Abstract]
  2. Berchem, J., et al., Global MHD Simulation of Dayside Proton Aurora: Comparisons with IMAGE Observations. [Abstract]
  3. Brandt, P.C., et al., The role of the ring current in the dynamics of the electric field of the inner magnetosphere. [Abstract]
  4. Cummer, S.A., et al., Radio Tomography Experiments with IMAGE, WIND, and Cluster. [Abstract]
  5. Fok, M., et al., Post-Midnight Enhancements in the Storm Time Ring Current. [Abstract]
  6. Frey, H.U., et al., Global cause of localized high latitude aurora. [Abstract]
  7. Fung, S.F., et al., Ray-Tracing Modeling of Guided Echoes Detected by Radio Plasma Imager on the IMAGE Satellite. [Abstract]
  8. Galand, M., et al., Contribution of proton precipitation to space-based auroral FUV observations. [Abstract]
  9. Gallagher, D., et al., Evidence for Subauroral Electric Fields from IMAGE EUV. [Abstract]
  10. Gladstone, G., et al., A Comparison of FUV Auroral Emissions During the April 2002 Events as seen by the IMAGE/FUV and TIMED/GUVI Instruments.
  11. Goldstein, J., et al., Plasmaspheric Erosion. [Abstract]
  12. Green, J.L., et al., Correlations between AKR with Auroral Dynamics and Dipole Tilt Angle. [Abstract]
  13. Henderson, M.G., et al., First start-to-end global imaging of a sunward propagating giant undulation event: IMAGE/FUV observations. [Abstract]
  14. Immel, T.J., et al., The relation of sub-auroral electron and proton precipitation to plasmaspheric and magnetospheric conditions. [Abstract]
  15. Jahn, J.-M., et al., Direct observation of enhanced magnetospheric convection using medium energy (1.0-3.0 keV) energetic neutral atoms. [Abstract]
  16. Kahn, H., et al., Multi-Instrument Observations of Ionospheric Outflow in Response to the Storm Events of 14-24 April 2002.
  17. Krauss-Varban, D., et al., Formation, Characteristics, and Diagnostic Usage of Energetic Ions in the Near and Mid Tail.
  18. Lewis, W.S., et al., Auroral signatures of localized reconnection near the poleward edge of a dense plasma sheet. [Abstract]
  19. Lewis, W.S., et al., IMF Control of Auroral Dynamics during a Magnetic Storm. [Abstract]
  20. Liemohn, M.W., et al., Quantifying the Magnitude of the Stormtime Subauroral Currents and Electric Fields From Data-Theory Comparisons. [Abstract]
  21. McComas, D.J., et al., Filling and emptying of the plasma sheet: Remote observations with 1-70 keV energetic neutral atoms. [Abstract]
  22. Mende, S.B., et al., FAST and IMAGE-FUV observations of a Substorm onset. [Abstract]
  23. Morsony, B.J., et al., Statistical behavior of proton and electron auroras during substorms. [Abstract]
  24. Nsumei, P., et al., Storm enhanced electron density in the polar cap region observed by the Radio Plasma Imager on IMAGE. [Abstract]
  25. Ostgaard, N., et al., Estimates of magnetotail reconnection rate based on IMAGE FUV and EISCAT measurements. [Abstract]
  26. Quinn, J., et al., Convection Transients in the Polar Cap During Substorms. [Abstract]
  27. Reeves, G.D., et al., Global "Sawtooth" activity in the April 2002 geomagnetic storm. [Abstract]
  28. Retterer, K.C., et al., Ionospheric Outflow and Ring Current Composition During 2001 Geomagnetic Storms. [Abstract]
  29. Roelof, E.C., et al., Closure of Ion-Pressure-Driven Magnetospheric Electric Currents Through the Ionosphere: Implications for Global Electric Fields. [Abstract]
  30. Sagawa, E., et al., Global view of the nighttime low latitude ionosphere by the 135.6 nm OI observation with IMAGE/FUV. [Abstract]
  31. Sales, G., et al., Spatial distribution and variation of narrow L-shell bands in the plasmasphere supporting field-aligned propagating modes as observed by the RPI/IMAGE satellite. [Abstract]
  32. Sandel, B.R., et al., Synoptic Studies of the Plasmasphere's Shape by Imaging. [Abstract]
  33. Schunk, R.W., et al., Data Assimilation Into Physics-Based Models Via Kalman Filters.
  34. Scime, E.E., et al., Evolution of the Inner Magnetosphere from Quiet to Storm Times: MENA Observations. [Abstract]
  35. Sonwalker, V., et al., Observations and Analysis of Discrete and Diffuse Whistler Mode Echoes Received by RPI on IMAGE. [Abstract]
  36. Taguchi S., et al., Correlative Motion of two IMAGE/LENA Hydrogen Rate Peaks Observed in the Low- and Mid-Latitude Dayside Magnetosheath Direction. [Abstract]
  37. Valek, P.W., et al., Temperature and Density of the Plasma Sheet From Remote Observations With 1-70 keV Energetic Neutral Atoms. [Abstract]
  38. Webb, P.A., et al., A Simple Approach to Reproducing IMAGE/RPI-Derived Field-Aligned Electron Density Profiles During Plasmaspheric Refilling. [Abstract]
  39. Zesta, E., et al., Auroral Poleward Boundary Intensifications: their two-dimensional structure and the associated dynamics in the Plasma Sheet. [Abstract]
  40. Zhou, X., et al., Substorm Expansion Phases During Magnetic Storms in April 17-23, 2002: IMAGE FUV Observations

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