2001 Fall AGU Talks: Abstracts
2001 Fall AGU Talks: Abstracts
Image of IMAGE in space

Talks presented, San Francisco, California, December 10-14, 2001

  1. Anderson, R. R., et al., Enhanced Escaping Terrestrial Continuum Radiation and Kilometric Continuum Radiation Observations and Implications. [Abstract]
  2. Baker, D. N., et al., The Magnetospheric Response to Solar Wind Forcing on 31 March 2001: SOHO, ACE, CLUSTER, IMAGE,FAST, SAMPEX, and GEO observations of a Major Geomagnetic Storm. [Abstract]
  3. Baker, D. N., et al., A telescopic and microscopic view of a magnetospheric substorm on 31 March 2001: New CLUSTER observations of the near magnetotail. [Abstract]
  4. Bell, T. F., et al., Remote Detection of Small Scale Plasma Density Irregularities in the Outer Plasmasphere Using the Radio Plasma Imager on the IMAGE Spacecraft. [Abstract]
  5. Benson, R. F., et al., Classification of IMAGE/RPI-stimulated plasma resonances and the determination of magnetospheric electron-density and magnetic-field values. [Abstract]
  6. Berchem, J., et al., Effects of strong interplanetary disturbances on the dayside magnetosphere: comparison between IMAGE observations and global MHD modeling. [Abstract]
  7. Boardsen, S. A., et al., The association of kilometric continuum with plasmaspheric bite-outs: A multi-event study using IMAGE, Geotail and Wind measurements. [Abstract]
  8. Brandt, P. C., et al., IMAGE/HENA: ENA imaging of the plasmasheet during substorms. [Abstract]
  9. Brandt, P. C., et al., IMAGE/HENA: Examples of ring current configuration during extreme solar wind conditions. [Abstract]
  10. Burch, J., Interactions in space: Geospace and sun. Featured presentation
  11. Burch, J., Magnetospheric imaging: Promise to reality. Van Allen lecture
  12. Carlson, C. W., et al., Electron Acceleration and Ion Outlflow in the Polar Cap Boundary Region During Magnetospheric Substorms. [Abstract]
  13. Chang, S.-W., et al., Dayside aurora dynamics, [Abstract]
  14. Collier, M. R., et al., LENA observations on March 31, 2001: Magnetosheath remote sensing [Abstract]
  15. Demajistre, R., et al., Linear inversions of ENA images for energetic ion distributions from the ring current and plasma sheet. [Abstract]
  16. Frey, H. U., et al., Two types of localized auroral UV emission on the dayside. [Abstract]
  17. Fukunishi, H., et al., Occurrences of Pc 1 Waves in the Dayside Cusp, LLBL and BPS Region and Associated Enhancements of Proton Aurora. [Abstract]
  18. Fung, S. F., et al., Plasmaspheric electron density distributions sampled by Radio Plasma Imager on the IMAGE satellite. [Abstract] [Poster in PDF Format]
  19. Fuselier, S. A., et al., Direct Detection of Interstellar Neutrals from Earth Orbit. [Abstract]
  20. Gallagher, D. L., et al., Extreme convection conditions for the plasmasphere. [Abstract]
  21. Garcia, L. N., et al., Comparisons of IMAGE RPI and EUV observations of longitudinal electron density structures in the plasmasphere. [Abstract]
  22. Germany, G. A., et al., Determination of ionospheric conductivities from UVI intensity ratios. [Abstract]
  23. Goldstein, J., et al., Equatorial electric field measurements by IMAGE EUV. [Abstract]
  24. Green, J. L., et al., Substorm dynamics as observed by RPI and FUV on IMAGE. [Abstract]
  25. Horwitz, J. L., et al., Fluid Transport Simulation on Plasmaspheric Density Profiles Observed by IMAGE RPI. [Abstract]
  26. Huang, X., et al., Inner Magnetospheric Plasma Distribution as a Function of Latitude and L-Shell: an RPI Case Study [Abstract]
  27. Immel, T. J., et al., Auroral precipitation during the Bastille Day storm recovery. [Abstract]
  28. Jahn, J., et al., Tracking of Plasma Motions and the Global Plasma Distribution Using ENA Imaging. [Abstract]
  29. Jayanti, V., et al., Correlation studies of field-aligned echoes observed by RPI/IMAGE with geomagnetic conditions. [Abstract]
  30. Keesee, A. M., et al., Ion heating in the Earth's magnetosphere during substorm and storm-time.
  31. Kistler, L. M., et al., A Comparison of the Motion of Auroral Ion Outflow Regions With the Motion of Auroral Arcs. [Abstract]
  32. Lu, G., et al., Global ionospheric/magnetospheric response to the Bastille Day storm. [Abstract]
  33. Mende, S. B., et al., Satellite observations of upper atmospheric discharges with the ISUAL instrument on the ROCSAT-2 satellite. [Abstract]
  34. Mende, S. B., et al., Simultaneous observation of magnetospheric neutral atoms and proton aurora. [Abstract]
  35. Mitchell, D. G., and P. Brandt, Local time asymmetries in the main phase of two geomagnetic storms as a function of ion energy. [Abstract]
  36. Mitchell, D. G., et al., Composition measurements of energetic neutral atoms using the IMAGE/HENA sensor. [Abstract]
  37. Moldwin, M. B., et al., Comparison of IMAGE EUV plasma plume images with LANL geosynchronous in situ plasma observation. [Abstract]
  38. Nsumei, P., et al., Electron Density Distribution Over the Northern Polar Cap Deduced From IMAGE/RPI Sounding. [Abstract]
  39. Ohtani, S, et al., Anticorrelation between the ring current intensity and the Dst index. [Abstract]
  40. Osherovich, V. A., et al., Increased magnetospheric fpe/fce values in response to magnetic-cloud enhancements of the solar-wind quasi-invariant on 31 March 2001. [Abstract]
  41. Ostgaard, N., et al., The Energy Transport During Substorms Based on Solar Wind Measurements, Derived Auroral Electron Distributions and Magnetic Indices.
  42. Reeves, G. D., et al., The ENA, ring current, and auroral response to "sawtooth injections" in the October 4-6, 2000 Storm. [Abstract]
  43. Reiff, P. H., et al., Conjugate auroral substorm dynamics. [Abstract]
  44. Reinisch, B. W., et al., Changes in the plasma content in the inner magnetosphere during the March 31, 2001 event: IMAGE/RPI sounding observations. [Abstract]
  45. Sales, G., et al., Field-Aligned Radio Wave Propagation in the Plasmasphere Observed with IMAGE/RPI. [Abstract]
  46. Sandel, W. R., et al., Global imaging of shrinking plasmaspheres. [Abstract]
  47. Skoug, R. M., et al., A tail current dominated storm main phase: March 31, 2001. [Abstract]
  48. Song, P., et al., Measuring the Plasma Density Along the Magnetic Field: A Radio Sounding Technique. [Abstract]
  49. Sonwalkar, V. S., and J. Harikumar, Observations and Analysis of Diffuse Whistler Mode Echoes Received by RPI on Image. [Abstract]
  50. Taylor, W. W. L., et al., Observations of plasma densities in the polar cap during theta auroras. [Abstract]
  51. Tu, J., et al., Dynamic Fluid-Kinetic Simulations on High Plasma Densities at Polar Latitudes Observed by IMAGE RPI during Magnetic Storms. [Abstract]
  52. Webb, P. A., et al., GPID Modeling Comparisons to Plasmasphere Observations Obtained From the RPI and EUV Instruments Onboard the IMAGE Satellite. [Abstract]
  53. Wilson, G.R., et al., Modeling LENA observations of high latitude ion energization.
  54. New!

  55. Wygant, J., et al., Observations of Intense Electric and Magnetic Fields and Associated Poynting Flux Through-Out the Plasma Sheet During Major Geomagnetic Storms.
  56. Yoshida, N., et al., Dynamics of duskside proton aurora observed with the Svalbard all-sky imager and the IMAGE satellite under northward IMF condition : November 26, 2000 event. [Abstract]
  57. Zesta, E., et al., Auroral Poleward Boundary Intensifications and Modes of Energy Transport in the Plasma Sheet. [Abstract]
  58. Zhang, Y., et al., Sudden enhancement of solar wind dynamic pressure and dayside detached aurora.
  59. Zhou, X., et al., Dawn/Dusk Auroras and Propagating Convection Disturbances: Ionospheric Effects of Increasing Solar Wind Ram Pressure.

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