The IMAGE Mission


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The IMAGE Mission


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Magnetospheric Currents - Quiet

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Magnetopause Dynamics

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Magnetospheric Currents - Disturbed

Ring Current

Plasmasphere Dynamics

Plasmasphere Dynamics


Magnetospheric Research

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Orbital Characteristics

IMAGE Instruments

IMAGE Spacecraft

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Wideband Imaging Camera (WIC)

Spectrographic Imager (SI)

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Geocorona (GEO) Imager

Extreme Ultra-Violet (EUV) imager

Charge Exchange Process

Generation of Neutral Atoms

Simulation of Neutral Atom Imaging

High Energy Neutral Atom (HENA)

Medium Energy Neutral Atom (MENA)

Low Energy Neutral Atom (LENA)

Radio Plasma Imager

Radio Plasma Imager (RPI)

Principles of Radio Sounding

Overview of Radio Plasma Imaging (RPI)

Magnetospheric Density Structure

Representative RPI Targets

Ray Tracing Calculations

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Radio Sounding

Magnetopause Echoes and Density Structure



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Spectrographic Imager (SI)

IMAGE Telemetry Modes

Potential IMAGE Space Weather Measurements

IMAGE Team Members

IMAGE Foreign Co-Is

Other Team Members

Author: James L. Green


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