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AGENDA Tuesday, January 14

AGENDA Wednesday, January 15


CIDP Requirements Overview

CIDP Requirements

CIDP Requirements (Contd.)

CIDP Description

CIDP Block Diagram

CIDP Chassis

CIDP General Description

CIDP Description (Contd.)

CIDP Electrical Interfaces

Spacecraft Power

CIDP/SI Electrical Interfaces

SYNC Pulse Timing

Serial Data and SYNC Interface

CIDP/SCU Electrical Interfaces

CIDP ADM Interfaces

CIDP/Radial ADM Interface Circuitry

CIDP/Axial ADM Deployment Circuitry

Heater Electrical Interface

CIDP Data Transfer Protocols

CIDP/SI data transfer types

Raw Data Protocol

Raw Data Protocol Examples

Maximum packet sizes (per rev)

CIDP Service Request

SI Housekeeping Telemetry

Command Protocol

1553 Interface

1553 Subaddress Allocation

CIDP/SCU Data Protocols

CIDP/SCU Data Flow Example


CIDP/SCU Data Transfer

CIDP Power Supply Module

CIDP Power Supply

Processor Module

Functional Block Diagram

Characteristics and Features

RAD 6000-SC Processor Components

RAD 6000-SC Components Descriptions

RAD 6000-SC Interfaces


I/O Functional Components - RBI

I/O Functional Components - DHS

I/O Functional Components - IOC

RAD 6000-SC Mechanical Configuration

Comm/Memory Board

Communications/Memory Board Overview

Comm/Memory Board Block Diagram

Comm/Memory Board - Memory Section

Comm/Memory Board - Ethernet Section

Comm/Memory Board - 1553 Section

MIL-STD-1553B Short-stub Direct Coupling

Memory/VME Interface controller and Memory EDAC FPGA

Communication/Memory Board- Front

Communication/Memory Board - Back Side

Instrument Interface Board

Instrument Interface Board - Requirements

Interface Definition and Quantity

Instrument Interface - Block Diagram

Instrument Interface - Electrical Interface (1 of 6)

Double Buffer Access - State Diagram

SI Serial Input State Diagram

Asynchronous Receiver State Machine

Asynchronous Receiver State Machine Variables

Serial Interface - Transmitter State Diagram

SYNC Generation - Detailed Block Diagram

Antenna Deployment Mechanism Interface - Block Diagram

ADM Interface - Electrical Interface (1 of 4)

Power Distribution Module

Power Distribution Module - Requirements

Power Distribution Module - Block Diagram

SI Power

Power Distribution Module - Current Monitor

DCU Power

Axial ADM Power Distribution and Feedback

Software Description

CIDP Mechanical Interfaces

Packaging Concept

Mass Properties

Material and Construction

Thermal Analysis

Structural Analysis

Ground Equipment

CIDP Ground Equipment Requirements

1553-Bus Emulator

SI Serial Interface Simulator

Custom Hardware - SI, ADM and Heater Load Simulator

Custom Equipment - SYNC Pulse Test Equipment

Custom Hardware - ADM Simulator

Developmental Interface

CIDP Verifications System and Flow

Preliminary Instrument Design and Test Environments

Radiation Dose

Sine and Random Vibration Tests

CIDP TV Test Profile

Author: Michael Epperly

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