Writing to Persuade

"Cosmic radiation creates unfriendly skies

1. What is the central idea of the reading selection?

2. How does the central idea relate to the title of the article?

3. In reguards to the crews that "spend 960 hours in the air each year for 20 years", how many total hours are spent in the air?

4. If these crews receive the highest annual dose of cosmic radiation, 910 mmirems according to the article, how many total millirems do they receive in a day assuming an equal amount per day.

5. Suppose that the 960 millirems are spread equally over the 32 routes from New York to Athens. How many millirems do they receive per trip?

6. If the crew had flown on September 29, 1989 and they received 110 millirems from the solar event, how might they have received the remaining dosage?

7. How many more millirems of radiation did the airline crew receive than the nuclear power plant workers?

8. What is the percentage for the overall cancer rate in the general population, and how does it compare to the cancer rate for frequent fliers?

9. On September 29, 1989 the solar storm resulted in how much radiation and at what altitude?

10. What could be the implications for solar weather forecasting?

11. Write a letter to the Federal Aviation Administration or the Department of Transportation why, or why not, it is important to educate, to predict, and to notify the public, about the effects of solar radiation. Be sure to include details rrom the text that support your reasoning.