Do planetary conjunctions have any effect on the Earth?

The only known ways in which any celestial bodies can effect the Earth, or its inhabitants is:

1) By direct contact as in a collision;

2) By their gravitational forces and;

3) by their electromagnetic radiation.

The Sun affects the Earth by its gravity which keeps the Earth in its orbit, and as I discussed in the section under Moon-Tides, by raising tides in the rocky and watery components of the Earth. The Sun is not, obviously, in direct physical contact with the Earth, however, it does send our way streams of charges particles either as part of the general solar wind, or as high energy particles produced during solar flares. The solar wind affects the Earth's Van Allen radiation belts and the shape of the Earth's magnetic field, giving it a comet-like shape pointed directly away from the Sun. The charged particles affect the Earth by causing Aurora Borealis and upsetting the structure of the ionosphere which interferes with radio communication at low frequencies.

The Moon affects the Earth by its gravitational field, raising the very large water and earth tides, which are about twice as high as the solar tides. The Moon's small mass compared to the Sun is offset by the fact that the Moon is much closer to the Earth than the Sun, and from Newton's Law of Gravity, the gravitational force is proportional to mass, but inversely proportional to the SQUARE of the distance. There are no lunar electromagnetic influences, however from time to time, impacts on the Moon by large asteroids have ejected matter into space, and some of this has shown up as lunar meteors and meteorites on the Earth so in a sense the Moon has a direct physical contact with the Earth.

As for the other planets, they too have no electromagnetic effects on the Earth; their only influences are through their gravitational influences. Venus and Mars come within 30 - 40 million miles of the Earth and ought to dominate the gravitational effects. I do not know exactly how much this comes to, but the effects ought to be very, very small compared to the lunar tides. Mars is APPROXIMATELY the same mass as the Moon, but 100 times farther away so the height of the Martian water tides on the Earth ought to be about 1 million times smaller because tidal gravitational forces vary as the THIRD power of the separation between the bodies. If the Moon raises tides that are 3 meters high, then the Martian tides would be about a few MICRO meters tall and utterly undetectable compared to the roughness of the ocean surface.

Astrologers insist that the planets have all sorts of 'influences' upon the inhabitants of the Earth, but this is all nonsense. No scientific study of physical influences has found that the Moon has any effect on us, other than raising water tides; and the Moon is millions of times more powerful than the rest of the planets combined in producing tides!!!