Magnetic Reversals and Variations.



Magnetic Field- The region of space surrounding a body

( such as a toy magnet) where certain kinds of materials are influenced by its magnetic forces.

Magnetic Pole- Just as charges can be positive or negative, a magnet has two 'poles', either south or north, which are usually called the polarity of the magnet.

Magnetic Intensity- The strength of a magnetic field in space. Sunspot magnetic fields have an intensity that is thousands of times stronger than Earth's magnetic field.

Magnetic Reversal- Some naturally-occurring magnetic fields change their polarity over time. This reversal is common in objects that generate their magnetism by currents of flowing charges rotating in space. The Sun's field reverses every 11 years during the sunspot cycle. Earth's magnetic field reverses its polarity after 200,000 to 500,000 years.