Timing the Transit of Venus.

1) Complete the total elapsed time for each of the following:

Professor Frisbee 06h 02m 10s

Professor Hubert

Professor Compton


2) Does there appear to be any similarity or pattern to the observation times recorded?

The recorded times are all around 6 hours. The times differ by only a few minutes.


3) How much time occurred between the observer with the greatest recorded elapsed time and the least recorded elapsed time?

2 minutes and 3 seconds


4) What factors could have influenced the time differences?

 Human error - some people are better or worse at the eye-hand coordination needed to make a 'stopwatch' measurement.

 Equipment Ė either lack of proper equipment or usage error

 Venusí atmosphere prevents a "sharp edge"

 Sunís edge is not sharp but "gray"

 Distortion of the appearance of Venus as it is near the edge of the Sun. Astronomers call this the 'Black Drop Effect'.