Blackout! LogoMr. Thomas Smith

Briggs-Cheney Middle School, Maryland


A middle school-level science module in the Event-Based Science program supported by the National Science Foundation. The workbook I will be published by Addison-Wesley in early 2000. It is a role-based curriculum package that lets students operate as engineers, scientists and technicians to understand the cause of a simulated electrical power blackout patterned after the March 1989 Quebec blackout which affected 6 million people. Students read news stories about the impacts of blackouts, their scientific causes, and conduct hands-on experiments in electricity and magnetism.

View the HTML documents, sample animation from the BLACKOUT Video.

To order a copy, contact: Request Coordination Center , Code 633, Goddard Space Flight Center , 301) 286-6695 (Email)

Cost = $10.00 Length: 20 minutes

The Video may also be ordered through NASA/CORE by visiting their Web Page