Education Resources

This web page gives teachers and students the latest information about aurora and the study of Earth's magnetic field, along with many programs that IMAGE has developed or participated in with NASA.

  Space Science Problem of the Week IMAGE-developed, weekly extra-credit problems in Math, Reading and Science enrichment.

  Classroom Activities and Study Guides IMAGE-developed, sorted by topic areas, targeted standards, and web-based research opportunities: Math, Reading and Science enrichment.

  Exploring Space Science Mathematics Fifteen ready-to-use math worksheets that review pre-algebra skills along with illustrated space science topics.

  Exploring Earth's Magnetic Field Welcome to the IMAGE satellite tutorial on Earth's magnetic field. This page contains a brief introduction to magnetism, and Earth's field. It also provides links to additional IMAGE reading materials, and a collection of classroom activities that help students understand Earth's manetic field and its changes through time and space.

  How Old is Sunlight? Students calculate how long it takes light to escape from the core of the sun using math modeling and random walk simulations.

  Students Area - An illustrated (Grade 3-12) guide to Sun-Earth Science

  Soda Bottle Magnetometer (An NSF SciLinks Resource) A simple device for monitoring magnetic storms.

  The Mysterious Radiation Belts A website dedicated to the van Allen Radiation Belts and what we know about them.

 Blackout! - a role playing exercise in understanding the impacts of solar storms on our technology.

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