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Intense Global Scale Ion Precipitation Seen from IMAGE in ENAs

MENA image

The image at left shows a halo of intense ENA emission from low altitude, as copious ion precipitation heats and excites gases in the upper atmosphere. This most intense ENA emission ever recorded on IMAGE comes at the time when the October 29, 2003 storm was in its main phase, and the Dst was decreasing through 200 nT at a rate of 45 nT/hour. Testament to the enormous power being delivered from the geomagnetic tail to the ring current at this time is that the Dst disturbance continues to grow, in spite of huge losses indicated by the intense ENA emissions imaged at left.

(2003: Pollock et al.)

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Magnetic Reconnection -The process which causes magnetic fields of opposite polarity to merge together, releasing magnetic energy. Commonly observed in solar flares, and in the magnetotail of Earth.

Ring Current - IMAGE Reveals a Complex Flow of Plasma Into Inner Magnetosphere.

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