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In my Senior year, I applied to college and got accepted to colleges that had very strong physics departments, and even colleges that had astronomy departments.

They were very impressed by my determination to study astronomy, and all of the extra-curricular activities I had described that showed how determined I was. They even liked the fact that I was a Volunteer at my local Planetarium, and that I was an after school tutor for my local middle school where I had gotten to work with students who had math and science problems. It was a good move to keep in touch with my middle school teachers!

My SAT scores were 620 in English and 660 in Math, which was not a stellar score compared to the top students that were probably applying to the same schools, but my grades and extra-curriculars really helped push my application over the top for most schools.

I never appplied to the Ivy League schools, but concentrated on state universities instead. All of them have fantastic programs in physics and astronomy, and they have lower tuitions too!!

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