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In high school, I entered the Science Fair at least once, and my project won an award. The Judges said that my work was very sophisticated.

I was always looking for extra things to do that had to do with research in astronomy. With my telescope, I have already observed and taken note about lunar and solar eclipses, planetary occultations, and I have even tried my hand at searching for comets and asteroids.

My biggest thrill is to search online for unusual cashes of astronomical data and try to come up with interesting things to do with all that free data! Some of the catalogues of stars and galaxies have millions of entries, and I enjoy coming up with ideas to research. That's how I came up with my science fair topic. The Judges couldn't believe the kind of data I was working with, and some of the conclusions I came up with!

Actually...neither could I. I was just lucky that no scientists had found the time to look through that data the way that I did.

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