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Spiral galaxy NGC 1232

I knew a lot about astronomy, long before my teachers covered the material in class. Not only had I known the names of all the planets since Fourth Grade, but I knew all about their sizes, distances and atmospheres. I knew about stars and how they evolved from birth to death. I could recognize many constellations.

I was hopeful that one day my parents would buy me a telescope, but meanwhile, I knew all the cool space websites and had my own, huge gallery of space pictures. I even knew by heart the names of many galaxies, nebula, and star clusters including their catalog names: NGC 598, Messier-33, The Lagoon Nebula.

I began to see that collecting this kind of information, and chatting with my teachers about it, was pretty cool, especially since some of my teachers didn't know the material as well as I did. I had to be very careful with this, though, because adults can think that you are trying to show off, and your classmates might think I was trying to be the Teacher's Pet'. So, I learned to keep a bit quiet about what I knew. I also realized that my other friends in sports could show of all they wanted and no one would ever say those kinds of things about them!

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