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You are still interested in science, but you may have noticed by now that certain kinds of topics interest you more than others.

Your interest in biology has made you a collector of pets, and with a supportive family, you might have dogs, cats, hamsters, fish, snakes, lizards, turtles or frogs.

Your interest in computers or electronics has, by now, made you the family resource for fixing their computer problems, setting up new equipment, and getting the VCR/DVD to stop blinking '12:00'.

Because you like being outdoors and exploring nature, you might have joined the Boy Scouts so that you can go on camping trips. Your first trips were exciting, and you could hardly restrain yourself rom looking under every rock and fallen tree to find new creatures, or to stay up late and watch the stars. You were moved to tears when you first saw the Milky Way, and the sky filled with stars never seen from the city.

Your family remains supportive of your many interests, which seem rather scattered to them. They have not insisted that every hour of your day be scheduled with after school activities. This is a big help because there are no programs for budding scientists, and every hour you spend on the soccer field after school, is an hour taken away from persuing your own curiosities about science topics. Your parents may see your 'exploration' as unfocussed and not a very social activity. Parents are constantly worried that you are an 'introvert', but as a scientist you will need to spend time away from people to conduct your experiments and think long and hard about the theories you want to create. At your age, however, you also want to be everyone's friend, and popular too, so you will have to find a compromize that works for you.

You definitely seem to be attracted to topics having to do with physical science such as atoms, electronics, geology, space. You are not really thinking about science as a career, because right now you are just interested in learning about these subjects. You like building things, so you might just as easily want to be an engineer, a computer programmer, a technician or a forest ranger!

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