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Fourth Grade Picture

Your precocious interest in the world around you, and your natural curiosity and and passion to collect both facts and things, has started to give you a reputation among your friends as 'The Brain' or 'Mr. Scientist'.

Now that you can read, you have learned about many types of science from chemistry and biology to electronics and physics. By now, your family knows that the best presents to give you are books on science, or tools such as microscopes, chemistry sets or electronics kits that are advertized in many specialty stores.

Your bedroom definitly has a science flavor. You might prefer posters of planets, animals or geological themes over anything else, even sports heroes and Hollywood stars and singers. You may even have models of rockets, spaceships, or mobiles hanging from the ceiling. You enjoy science fiction TV programs and movies, even though you aren't allowed to see most of them because they are PG-13. But your family often rents them at the local video store for you to see.

At school, you are doing mostly OK in arithmetic, but you might have trouble working with fractions, decimals, and word-problems. Science is your favorite subject that you always get top grades in, but the other subjects are hard to get through and your over-all grades are usually Bs and As.

You enjoy sports because you are naturally very active, and probably play soccer, or have started ice skating, or taking music lessons. Your favorite past-time may be to roam the Internet looking for neat astronomical or scientific resources, especially pictures and computer simulations.

You are not someone who waits for things to come to you, instead, you are a self-starter who usually has a lot of projects going on. You might also have a tendency not to finish projects you start because you get bored with them and want to move on to something else. You never complain of being bored.

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