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By the time you have reached Kindergarten, your family and friends have already recognized certain talents in you.

You have been consistently curious about your world, a natural explorer of your backyard. You have a memory for facts about things in your surroundings. You may have already assembled your first rock, insect or other collections.

You may have started reading at an early age, or learned how to count. You may be fascinated by looking under rocks, where you learned about many odd kinds of creatures. Even lowly snails, salamanders and worms fascinated you.

You may have been curious about how a flashlight works, and learned how to build one using a battery, a light bulb and wire. You may have been fascinated by dinosaurs and could rattle off dozens of names for them. Even human anatomy might have intrigued you as you looked through books at home or the library, and learned about the major organs.

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