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Congratulations !!

After a lengthy job search, I landed a job at a newspaper as a cub reporter for their science and technology stories.

Eventually I became my local newspaper’s Science Reporter. I had to be willing to move every few years to get more experience working for progressively larger newspaper offices. My salary started out near $30,000 a year, but by the time I became a senior reporter, I was making nearly $80,000. If I wanted to get into Tv news production, I also had that opportunity. Some say that I have a very photogenic face and a great voice, so even radio news announcing is something to consider. I might eventually even go after one of those few jobs at NASA that involve 'Public Affairs' and preparing press releases.

This is a dream job because now I can influence what thousands of people think about space and astronomy!!

And oh yes, I am still very active as an amateur astronomer!!

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