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Congratulations !!

After a lengthy job search, I landed a job as a computer game designer!

My passionate interest in computer gaming as a child, combined with my aptitude for computer programming and mathematics got me a job testing computer games for a major company.

My college degree in computer science with a minor in art or business was a good move, because I knew that the computer gaming business requires both programming and art, and is very competitive. You can't do well with a high school diploma, and you really need to know computer languages and application development.

The company says that after I spend a few years as a Game Tester to learn the ropes, I will probably be promoted to one of their other jobs actually developing gaming storyboards and programming. I will make between $45,000 and $65,000 if I can avoid the fact that this is a growing industry, but very volitile for any one individual.

My specialty is in Virtual Reality programming and Robotics, so if I bomb out of gaming, I may look around for related jobs that involve VR simulation, which is also becoming a big industry, especially for military applications and even science research. I may wind up working for NASA after all!

And oh yes, I am still very active as an amateur astronomer!!

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