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The Astronomy Career Game
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Welcome to the astronomy career simulator!

As you click through each page, you will be tracing one of many career paths in astronomy and space science that begin with your early childhood experience, and take you through grade school, college, graduate school and beyond.

Most of the pages offer you choices that will change your final career destination and lifestyle. This simulation is based on the core experiences of one astronomer, but over time, many alternate possibilities will be added that will make your career as an astronomer, scientist or science-savvy adult very different.

To begin your journey, use the navigation buttons to the left.

When you finish navigating through all the career lifelines and possibilites, have a look at the [Career Test] PDF document and answer the questions. These will help you digest all the information you have encountered, and allow you to think about space science and related careers and how they relate to your interests.

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