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Ask the Space Scientist

Conducted by Dr. Sten Odenwald (Astronomer)

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This resource covers FAQs that have to do with the Sun, the Earth and their various interactions. You may visit The Astronomy Cafe. for answers to over 3000 FAQs about the following additional subjects: The Solar System, Planet-X, Stars, Galaxies, Black Holes, Big Bang Cosmology, Origin of the Universe, General and Special Relativity, Space Travel, Space Physics, Careers in Astronomy, Telescopes and many other topics, too!

  1. IMAGE Satellite
  2. The Sun
  3. Earth-Rotation
  4. Aurora Science
  5. Solar Storms
  6. Earth-Atmosphere
  7. Earth-Magnetism
  8. Miscellaneous

The most exciting issues to which the IMAGE satellite contributes new knowledge is the issue of Space Weather. Space Weather is the term scientists now use to discuss the ways in which matter and energy from the sun interact with Earth's space environment. Some of these interactions produce the beautiful Northern Lights, but others can cause satellite malfunctions and even electrical power blackouts on Earth. For more information about space weather impacts, visit the Human Impacts of Space Weather and Solar Storms website at

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