Earth - Magnetic Field

  1. Can you store and extract energy from a magnetic field?
  2. Does the Earth have more than two magnetic poles?
  3. Is there a relationship between Earth's rotation and its magnetic field?
  4. Does Earth's magnetic field or solar activity influence the El Nino cycle?
  5. What do we know about Earth's ancient magnetic field?
  6. Is it true that organic matter cannot pass through the van Allen radiation belts?
  7. Did the Earth gain a new van Allen radiation belt in 1998?
  8. How do magnetic fields affect navigation systems?
  9. Where is the biggest difference between true north and magnetic north?
  10. Why does the magnetic pole of the Earth flip?
  11. What is the strongest magnetic field ever known?
  12. Do animals really use magnetism in any interesting way to navigate?
  13. How do geomagnetic storms affect us?
  14. Does the Earth's magnetic field daily changes affect plant germination and growth?
  15. How do you prove the earth has a magnetic field without a compass?
  16. Where can I find information about the variation of the magnetic field over time across the United States?
  17. Can you measure magnetic field changes on land, in the sea and in the air, from space?
  18. Do magnets loose their magnetism in space when they are outside the earth's magnetosphere?
  19. Where is the geomagnetic pole currently located?
  20. Could the changing magnetic field erase computer data?
  21. Why does the earth's magnetic field reverse polarity?
  22. What causes the Earth's magnetic field to shift, and does it do this regularly?
  23. How long does an earth magnetic field reversal take and is it harmful to humans?
  24. Who discovered the reversal of the Earth's magnetic field?
  25. Do magnetic fields exist throughout space?
  26. How does a magnetic field differ from a gravitational field?
  27. Where can I get information about the Earth's magnetosphere?
  28. Is the Earth about to reverse its magnetic field?
  29. Is the Earth's magnetic field changing?
  30. What would happen if the magnetic field of the Earth suddenly changed?
  31. Is it true that the Earth's magnetosphere is expanding?
  32. Does the reversal of the Sun's magnetic field have any effect on the Earth?

All answers are provided by Dr. Sten Odenwald (NASA/Raytheon)