Exactly where is the Sun during the year in contrast to where astrologers say it is?

OK...in sun-sign astrology, here is where astrologers say the sun is located at a particular day in the year. I have used a date that corresponds to the center of the constellation, and then looked up in the sky atlas what the actual center of the constellation is in the zodiac along the ecliptic plane. The actual position of the sun on that date is given by the U.S. Astronomical Ephemeris for 1998.

                                      Sun Position
*******Astrologically************      *******Actual********
Constellation       Date                 RA      Constellation

Aries                4/1                0h 41m     Pisces
Taurus               5/1                2h 32m     Aries
Gemini               6/1                4h 35m     Taurus
Cancer               7/1                6h 40m     Gemini
Leo                  8/1                8h 44m     Cancer
Virgo                9/1               10h 40m     Leo
Libra               10/1               12h 28m     Virgo
Scorpio             11/1               14h 24m     Libra 
Sagittarius         12/1               16h 28m     Scorpius (correct name)
Capricorn            1/1               18h 46m     Sagittarius
Aquarius             2/1               20h 58m     Capricorn
Pisces               3/1               22h 47m     Aquarius

So, the sun is actually located 1 sign BEHIND where the astrologers say it is. All Sagittarians are actually Scorpios. Actually, it's even worse than this because between December 4 and December 15, the Sun is in the constellation Ophiuchus which sits between Scorpius and Sagittarius on the Zodiac. Astrologers don't worry about that either.

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