Where will the IMAGE satellite control center be located?

It will be located at the Goddard Space Flight Center, Greenbelt Maryland, in Building 3. It occupies the same rooms that the former 'International Ultraviolet Explorer' occupied before it was decommissioned in 1997.

At the August 1997 Mission Critical Design Review meeting, Rick Burley discussed Ground System Operations at the launch range. The Science and Mission Opertions Center (SMOC) will support launch simulations, mission simulations and observatory health and safety monitoring only.

The SMOC at GSFC will be connected in several different ways to the spacecraft during its development. While at SwRI it will be connected via the internet. At the Lockheed facility during the test and integration phase, it will be conected via a NASCOM 512 kbps link which will be tested in January 1998. At the Vandenberg launch site it will be connected via 1 'T1' line and NASCOM and this pathway will be tested on January 1999. When the spacecraft is in orbit, the satellite will transmit to JPL via the Deep Space Network, and from JPL the link to the SMOC will be through 4 T1 lines. The JPL-GSFC link will be chacked in October 1998. There are two classifications for the downlink data 'VC0' and 'VC1'. The VC0 data is 'quick look' and will be forwarded to the SMOC within 10 seconds. The VC1 data will be forwarded via FTP transfer within 8 hours of JPL receiving it. This lets the SMOC look at the vital functions of the satellite with data that is split off from the ordinary science data.

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