Will we be able to look at the IMAGE data online?

Yes. The IMAGE satellite is one of the few research satellites which does not have an embargo policy. In the past, mission scientists were given up to one year to analyze the data they recovered from their satellites, conduct their research, and publish the results. This was a just reward for the up to 10 year efforts and sacrifices the science team expended in acquiring the data. IMAGE is the first satellite whose data policy is that it will go into the public domain nearly as soon as it is received. There will be a roughly 8-hour delay between receiving the satellite data and reformating it for use by researchers. The data will be made available for quick-browsing on the Internet, probably through a link off of the main IMAGE home page. Research-quality data will be available through FTP transfer or through Digital Video Tape or some other computer-readable mass storage medium, to any investigators that request the data.

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