Compared to other telescopes, how well can IMAGE resolve the things it sees?

Well...It doesn't really work like the kinds of telescopes you might be familiar with, but we can still describe its resolving power. Time resolution is the most important feature. It can resolve events happening within 5 minutes of each other. It will 'image' a large field of view about 1/4 of the sky in size. This 90x90 degree field will be resolved into individual 8-degree elements. The Extreme Ultraviolet Imager will be able to see features as small as a few thousand kilometers. The Far Ultraviolet Imager, on the other hand, will see details as small as 60 kilometers. The instrument being used for mapping the magnetopause, called RPI, will be able to see details about 500 kilometers across. This will let it track individual plasma clouds and irregularities in the charged particle plasmas surrounding the Earth.

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