Classroom Activities

The IMAGE satellite program has supported teachers to create a wide range of classroom activities through its summer intern program at the NASA, Goddard Space Flight Center.

Magnetic Storms and Solar Activity

The Sunspot Cycle

Sunspot Activity on Other Stars

CME Speed Activity

Solar Activity and CMEs

Anatomy of a CME

Exploring the Earth as a Magnet

Wandering Poles in the Last 2000 Years

A Soda Bottle Magnetometer

Magnetic Storms from the Ground

Investigating Magnetic Storms

Motion of the Magnetic Pole

Investigating Earth's Magnetism

The Magnetopause Boundary

Magnetic Storms and Aurora

Round-the-Clock Aurora Monitoring

The Evolution of an Aurora

Seeing Auroral Lights from Space with IMAGE

Cosmic Rays and Sunspot Numbers

What You See Depends on Where You Are

Tracking a Solar Storm

Auroral Magnetism from the Ground

Where to See an Aurora

Aurora Viewing from the Ground

How to Predict an Aurora

Aurora Activity and Latitude